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FUNKY!BOX - Check Out Malaysia's Creative Lifestyle Subscription Box

Since the opening of T.A.C Studio, I have had meetings with different creative people at the studio, and we always end up talking about how Malaysians are starting to embrace a much more creative lifestyle. People are engaging in artsy hobbies and I personally think that this is driven by the trends in planners, calligraphy, watercolour and journalling. We can all agree that things have improved for the local creative community that's for sure. Likewise with subscription boxes, the concept is still new to most Malaysians but it will pick up eventually with a little bit more awareness. We already have quite a variety of subscription boxes offered by different vendors, ranging from beauty to pets and even planner goods. So, we have all these variety, I wondered to myself, why not a box of creative goods? That's when I heard about FUNKY!BOX, Malaysia's very own monthly subscription box that comes with unique, arts & crafts and homemade goodies.

*Note: If you like the element of monthly surprises from the delivery man, you got yourself a good deal. Also, good excuse for monthly "Birthday" presents for self. Hoarders, beware. Control yourselves!

PS. Want to see what's inside? Watch the unboxing video at the end of the post!



Mommypreneurs: Eight Moms Who Mean Business

Photo credit: By Lena

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – English proverb

Mothers are an industrious bunch. They will find ways and means to make the best of any situation. If you’re in a pickle, you can always count on mom to find you a solution. In this post, we feature 8 mommypreneurs who started their own business to address the problems they faced as mothers.


DIY: Make Fabric Flowers with Four Easy Techniques (Ready Your Thread & Needle)

If you love sewing like I do,  then you will understand that as a crafter,  we will NEVER throw our fabric scraps and remnants away when we are done with our projects. We keep hoard these scraps because we know that they will somehow come in handy one day!

One of the projects that I enjoy doing with these fabric scraps is making fabric flowers. There are many designs, styles and ways of making fabric flowers, such as vintage, grunge or ruffled.



How to Overcome The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

I jumped at the idea of writing a book for millennial when it first came to me. As the idea sank, I was overwhelmed with fear.

‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Do people care about what I say?’, ‘How will people judge me?’, ‘Will it hurt?’

These thoughts sucked the excitement of new adventure out of me. I became doubtful of my work.

Then I started to observe my thoughts in order to figure out how to be ‘good’.

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