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Happy New Year 2017! Take a Look at Our 2016 Best Nine!

While we took a step into year 2017, I am sure most of you have already made a list of your new year resolution. Everyone wants to try and do something different each year, or live life to the fullest with hope that, that one list of #lifegoals will be able to give you a good a head start.

New Year Eve's can be a pretty roller coaster experience: some people chose to be with their loved ones, some alone. Some partied young and free with their friends, some reminisced moments of the last couple of months before countdown just like it was yesterday. Memorable moments, most of us just want to cherish those memories as much as we can.

As for us at The Artsy Craftsy, we had quite an interesting end year juggling with workshops, art jamming sessions and Christmas preparations. Since everyone was doing the whole '2016BestNine' #2016bestnine Instagram thing, I figured, why not do the blog version instead. I am more than happy to share with you our best moments in 2016!

Let's take a quick step back into Year 2016!



Click Here to Find Out Pantone's 2017 Colour of the Year

The year 2017 Pantone colour of the year is... Greenery!

When I first heard about 2017's colour of the year, I was surprised by the idea because compared to 2016 colours, it was such a big jump! Let's get real, the colour Green is overwhelming. I don't blame you and it isn't the first colour that we usually choose for most of our colour decision making situations. I am pretty sure that most of you are already wondering how will you work with the trending colour without having 'kermit the frog' in mind!



A German-themed Christmas Market in Adelaide

It’s the season when malls in Malaysia go all out to impress shoppers with decorations that beg to be Instagrammed. So much so that it has almost become a must-do activity with friends and family. So when I moved to Australia, I was looking forward to doing the same at the malls here. However, to my surprise, the Christmas decorations at the malls were quite modest.



You Need Pelikan Malaysia Brush Markers in Your Stationery Set

Brush markers are a hype! Everyone wants a taste of it (not literally) and owning a set to explore in their lettering projects. But what if you are a beginner? You have seen the YouTube videos and Instagram feeds of lettering artists creating colourful quotes. They make it look so effortless with the curves in each letter, and it makes you want to be part of that.

This is how your hunt starts; you want to look for a set of brush markers perfect for beginners and an affordable one.

Have you seen Pelikan Malaysia's Brush Markers? This might be the right set for you.

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