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Priscilla Garden - Sabah's Handmade Botanical Paper Crafter (Sponsored Post)

Handmade botanical crafts make the best option for those who do not have the green thumb. Or maybe you just want to have a bouquet crafted for a special event, like weddings, birthdays or perhaps a photobooth backdrop? The best part is, handmade botanical paper lasts longer, and much more flexible and fun to work with too! (Think rainbow unicorn colours that you can't get with REAL flowers!)



How to Decorate Wood with Pilot Pintor + Time Lapse Video!

Decorating wood is one of my favourite craft projects because of how easy and straightforward it is. The wood itself is a unique surface to paint on, and you can easily do it yourself with very simple craft materials. You can decorate wood with materials such as acrylic or craft paints and brushes. You can also decorate wood with coloured art markers. Among all the markers that I have explored with, personally, I find that the Pilot Pintor markers are the easiest to use to on wood with good results! This post will show you how easy the process is.

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