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You Want to Know: Common Tax Questions by New Businesses Owners in Malaysia

If you were once an employee, paying income tax was a relatively straightforward affair. The good folks in the finance department would have set things up for you, and all you had to do was verify the information, fill in the deductibles and you’re pretty much done. But as a business owner who is just starting out, there’s a high chance that you are your own finance department (Yes, we’ve been there too—high five!).

Fret not, we’ve round up some pointers to help you get your head around corporate income tax. So get a cup of coffee and read on!


We Talked to Some of the Amazing Women at Publika FAB Wonder Women, Let's Hear Them Roar!

Congratulations ladies, it is your day! Happy International Women's Day.

The international women's day is a significant moment for women all over the world. It is not a pro-women day, but a day to commemorate women for their contribution to our world's economic, political and social achievements. Have you ever wondered, how some of these ladies discovered their calling, and what makes each and everyone of them unique? Here's your chance to find out.

In conjunction of celebrating this important date, we caught up with some of the inspiring, entrepreneurial women at Publika FAB Wonder Women to find out more about their creative contribution to society and the economy.



Six Simple Ideas to Get You Through a Sales Slump

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The month of March is here and the holiday season is truly done and dusted. Shoppers who have overspent are in saving mode and those who have stuck to their budgets are unlikely to splurge when there’s no special reason to do so. But as a business owner, you need to stay afloat and keep going all year round. We put on our thinking caps (so you don’t have to!) and came up with some ideas to help you through a sales slump.



Catch 40 Over Wonder Women at Publika from 24th - 26th Feb 2017

Yes, I am wise,
But it's wisdom born of pain.
Yes, I've paid the price,
But look how much I gained.

If I have to I can do anything,
I am strong,
I am invincible,
I am woman!
-Helen Reddy, I am Woman

International Women's Day is just around the corner. This coming March, women everywhere will be celebrated for their economic, political and social achievements. In conjunction of International Women's Day, Publika's Fuyoh Art Bazaar in collaboration with Makers & Co will be having an all women event, featuring women in the field of arts, crafts and society. The event, WonderWomen, will be held at Publika, The Boulevard, seeing 40 over women entrepreneurs will be featured in Publika.
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