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What Happened During Malaysia's Etsy Craft Party by Handmade in Malaysia

In our previous post, we announced that it was that time of the year when Etsy Craft Parties are happening all over the world. A local, up and coming Etsy group called Handmade in Malaysia, had their first, successful event of the year. More than 20 Etsy users and non Etsy users gathered at Gamuda Walk for a weekend meet up to mingle with other fellow artists and crafters. It brought the creative individuals together, and to some, newfound group of friends who shared similar thoughts and interests.

The Handmade in Malaysia group was founded by two ladies, Japanese soap maker Masako Ito of Soapy Natural and Hong Kong born & UK raised jewellery artist Evelyn Chan of YiliYuli. Only 6-month old and Handmade in Malaysia has already gained more than 400 crafty members.

Editor's note: FYI, there are two Etsy groups in Malaysia; Team Etsy Malaysia and Handmade in Malaysia. Team Etsy Malaysia was founded in Year 2009, a pioneer Etsy group in the Malaysian Etsy community with strong followers. Team Etsy Malaysia's craft party was held at Art Row, Publika.



Five Reasons to Support Small Businesses

If there is one thing that sets small businesses apart from big corporations, it’s drive. The drive to innovate, create, and grow. It takes patience and continuous hard work to build your own business, whether you’re a 3rd generation kopitiam owner or a tech junkie running a startup out of your rented room. Here are 5 reasons why we think small businesses deserve more support and acknowledgment.



T.A.C Picks : Soapy Natural - Made to Love Your Self

Soapy Natural is a quality handmade artisan soap and skincare brand. Artisanal products are made with natural ingredients, and not to forget, made with love, to love yourself. Here's a fun fact: The maker behind Soap Natural is a down-to-earth Japanese expat living in Malaysia. Which is why, each and every handmade soap has a touch of Japanese element; style, colours and even the names for each soap. Some of the unique names include Homura (ほむら) soap, Tsukikage (つきかげ) Soap and Shizuku(しずく)Soap.

Looking for freshly made artisanal soap?

Shop Soapy Natural at:

Soapy Natural on Facebook

Soapy Natural on Instagram



D.I.Y Notice Boards with Six Simple Items

We all lead busy lives.  Meetings at work, dentist appointments and even children's school activities, their tuition and music classes; not to mention our own daily tasks and responsibilities is enough to keep us on our toes.

Lucky for us, smartphones these days come with daily reminders and calendars to help us keep track of all these activities and responsibilities.  For some of us who prefer the 'old fashion way', we keep planners and write these appointments and tasks down. We decorate them too (that's me).  To take things further, SOME of us (that's me again) will have a notice board in our home to pin down all these important tasks and information.

There are so many way great ways that a notice board can help us organise our schedule. You can even use it as a communication board, a dream (goal) board or an idea board. It saves time looking for that small piece of paper around the house and it will be a good place to refer to when family members want to look for any information.

I have a few notice boards around the house, my kitchen, our bedrooms and my craft area. I pin my reminders, my grocery list, the children's chores, take away menus and craft ideas. I even put notes down for my husband and children as reminders or just letting them know that there is that delicious piece of chocolate cake in the fridge for them.  Once the event or task is done, just discard and add on new messages or reminders.

There are many different types and styles of notice boards that you can get from the stationery shop, such as cork and metal boards.  Here, I would like to share with you how easy and inexpensive it is to make a notice board using either a cake base or a thin plywood.

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