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Malaysian Paper Flower Maker - Best 10 Handmade Botanical Art by Priscilla Garden

Flowers are beautiful! One of mother nature's best masterpieces. But like all things, flowers wilt and die, and eventually we have to discard it away. Which is why, my favorite thing about handmade paper flowers is the beauty of being able to preserve a particular type of flower that you might like. Botanical art has become the perfect touch as gifts, weddings and decorations because it will last forever.

Priscilla Ang, also known as Priscilla Garden, specializes in making paper flowers. Her orders are back to back, and she is constantly booked for every occasion back in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Some of the flowers that she makes are catered for events like teacher's day, valentine's day, even floral backdrops and of course, everyone's favourite:- weddings!

Let's look at Priscilla's top 10, best made Paper Flowers


Don’t Just Set New Year Resolutions, Achieve it With These 5 Steps

The 2018 New Year will be upon us soon. For some of us, the week leading up to the New Year may be filled with a flurry of hectic activities like reunions, food indulgence, shopping hunts, closing projects at work and preparations for school.

Some of us may also spend some time in a well-deserved vacation or year-end break, which is one of the best opportunities for reflecting on where our journey has taken us thus far.

Beginnings are one of the best times for us to start anew. Remember the times you’ve moved house, shifted school/jobs, or embarked on a new obsession in life? It felt good to leave the past and old habits behind, and look forward with fresh eyes and a renewed motivation to achieve what we want. A genuine intention to feel good or do good is why it is highly popular to set New Year Resolutions before the New Year begins.

So, what are you waiting for? Read further to hear our advice on 5 steps to help you set effective New Year Resolutions.



14 Best Christmas Gift Ideas that You Should Buy - Recommended for Last Minute Shoppers

December! Christmas is my favourite season of all. When I was a kid, Christmas and toys go hand in hand. Visiting the toy store was a wonderland to me and the idea of unwrapping gifts was exciting even though some of the gifts weren't for me. What is the first thing that comes to you, when you think about Christmas? I think about good food, family reunion and most of all, gift shopping. The malls will be packed with the holidays. Some of you might even be stuck at work, and don't have the time to go out shopping. But it's okay because you can still shop online. Although, forget about shopping on websites like Lazada (you might end up receiving the wrong item!). You can't risk wasting time and money for this festive season, so it is time to go handmade. In my recent visit to Etsy Made Local, I have checked out a couple of Etsy makers and round up a couple of Christmas gift ideas, that perhaps you will find it useful:

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