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Let's Talk About: 5 Ways to Stay Creative and Motivated

As much as we love social media, there's something we have to admit- we spend way too much time on it. And when we do, we focused on other people's lifestyle, fixate on what they are doing or where they are going and we forget that we too can live our lives.

This brings me back to when I first started The Artsy Craftsy in year 2008. I wanted it to be a place for me to reconnect with my creative side because I was busy working my butt off and living the life that was expected of me until I forgot who I truly was and what I love. The blog took off, and it became a part of me. Not long after I left my corporate job to work on it full time, I forgot what the creative spark was like. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I do (my job is to craft, teach and review craft products, what's not to like). I soon realized that I was so deep, focusing on running the other parts of my blog biz, that I forgot to live and make!

The point here is, in anything we do, we can easily lose ourselves deep if we do not have a balanced lifestyle. The lesson here is to always find yourself again and again, and create balance to stay creative and motivated. It is important for those of us who are in the creative field, to continue to live that creative spark. Personally, I think this could be one of the answers to living a happy life.

"Happiness is a choice that you make, and it comes from within."

When I realized this the other day, I told myself that it is time I find my self again. To go up, one must unlearn and make way for new experiences. Sometimes, the way to that realization is down up.

With that, I have decided to go on a #365Craftventure; that's making new arts and craft projects for 1 year. I have dealt and experienced different types of art and crafts, and yet there are still much more out there that I have not had my hands on. Here's the thing, this adventure that I am about to embark on is merely only a tool for me to rediscover what sparks my inner joy in doing what I love to do.

So, if you find yourself going through creative block, here are my 5 tips that worked for me:

1. Cut down on spending so much time and energy on social media. I know that scrolling feed, after feed, after feed can be addictive, but don't make social media your only world. Read a book, surf for arts craft ideas, journal or watch TV; anything that will keep you from being overly glued to your phone.

2. Go on a social media fast before it turns into a social media anxiety. I have come across people who compare themselves to others and influencers. In a big picture, the only person you need to seek approval from is yourself. So, stay focus on your work, instead of trying to win the highest number of likes. It is not a race.

3. Journal everyday, write or doodle because journaling will bring you back to your roots.

4. Take up a motivational challenge like, writing down one gratitude a day, practice mobile photography (Instagram is the best platform), or a sketch a day. Whatever works for you.

5. Exercise your imagination by reading a book or watching movies. I am a movie buff and I collect classic fairy tales and storybooks with beautiful illustrations. I think that these are the things that keep me in touch with my inner child, and whenever I am, it sparks my creativity.

Remember, find what makes you happy, do what you love, go back to your roots. If you have some more tips on how to stay creative and motivated, I would love to hear from you.

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How to use social media effectively (Part 1)

Social media is not just a platform for sharing mouthwatering food photos and funny videos. When used correctly, it can be a cost-effective way of promoting your brand and business. But with so many competitors playing in the same space, how do you stand out, be seen, be heard?



DIY Fashion Bag Makeover Project (Part 1)

Who doesn't love to shop dirt cheap bags? With the GST drying up our wallets these days, to still enjoy that privilege to shop, naturally we would look for an affordable solution. Thankfully, we now have Jalan Jalan Japan at One City Mall, Subang Jaya. If you are worried about the condition of the item, all you need to do is put in some crafty effort and easy-to-use craft supplies for a revamp. However, if you are thinking "...but I am not creative..." not to worry, a simple makeover would do. You can refer to Pinterest-baby! or make a deal with a crafty-friend to help you.

Before the Makeover
So, on my trip there, I found a cute, vinyl-like bag (possibly a stationery organizer) at MYR6. Condition? Looked slightly used, a little dirty but has the potential to be renewed. Let's see what I did:



How Calligrapher Joanna Chia Runs Her Creative Biz - Feat. Lettering Demo

Content is king! I enjoy meeting different creatives from the community, and meeting Joanna Chia, a Calligrapher and artist from Quirky By Design was a delightful experience. A pleasant person, I found the session knowledgeable as Joanna was kind enough to share with me tips and tools for calligraphy. I have always been fascinated with the art of lettering and that's why I have decided to pick Joanna's brain about calligraphy. (Thanks, Joanna!) Read about her take on being a Calligrapher full time.



Crafty Finds at Spotlight MyTown Kuala Lumpur

First things first, I am glad to say that I am once again back to writing. I have been away for a bit, and have been focusing much more on Instagram and Facebook. The clackety-clack of the keyboard had me realized how much I miss writing and that it is still very much flowing through my veins. And in case you don't know, most of our fun stuff are on our social media account. That's where you can get the latest scoop from us! So if you have not followed us yet, please do.



Bazaar Hacks for Small Businesses (Part 3)

Get comfortable for the important task ahead
(This is part 3 of a 3-part series outlining strategies that may give your business an advantage at competitive bazaars. Click here to read part 1 and part 2)

The day after your experience at the bazaar is very much like the day after you get back from a long holiday. You're tired, your stuff is still packed in various bags, and you have a little trouble facing reality (What? You mean I have to unpack ALL THESE BAGS?).

Yes, after the high of displaying your stock to hundreds of people, it's time to evaluate what went well on that day, and what didn't.

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