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(A MUST READ) Valuable Lessons From Small Business Pioneers

Photo credit to (from top): The Malaysian Insider, and travelpod.

Leading up to National Day, let’s take a look at some of the iconic small businesses that add flavour to our country’s personality; and the valuable lessons we can take away from them.



DIY Positive Craft with Your Kids! - CreaTee Kit Do and Wear

When I first discovered fabric painting, I was in college. I wanted to do it to earn some extra cash on the side so that I could pay for my own shopping expenses. Little did I know, that little venture took me further and I discovered that I enjoy fabric painting. Fabric painting is more than just creating a wearable art, and for kids, it is about introducing them a creative concept to create their own personal identity. Plus, exposing your kids to fabric crafts allow them to exercise their motor skills aside from just drawing on paper.

Looking for a suitable craft project for kids?
CreaTee Kit is a DIY kit, suitable for kids and even adults too, especially if you are looking for a simple & fun craft. All CreaTee DIY kit comes with FOUR different animal designs; Roro the Rabbit, Egon the Elephant, Cobie the Cat and Gin Gin the Giraffe.

Each set comes with a:
  1. T-Shirt
  2. Foam stencil
  3. Batik fabric
  4. Felt fabric
  5. Fabric markers
  6. 3D fabric paint
  7. Fabric glue
  8. Googly Eyes
The CreaTee Kit set doesn't limit your child to one craft project; you can reuse the materials and create few more projects with different ideas. I'm going to try with RoRo the Rabbit. :)

Try this Craft: T-Shirt Design for Kids

Trace the rabbit's body with a fabric marker and stencil.

Trace the rabbit paws on the felt.

Next, trace the rabbit's head on the t-shirt.

Cut the rabbit's body. (You can also use the batik fabric for other parts of the animal's body or as a decoration)

Glue the rabbit parts with CreaTee fabric glue.

Don't throw away the fabric remnants! You can do lots more with it.

I'm not done yet! Let's spice things up with the 3D fabric paint a.k.a fabric outliner.

Create any patterns or designs that you want. I decided to make a heart and fill it up.

I decided to do some lettering with a fabric marker! (Try incorporating some inspirational or positive quotes)

DONE! Fun and easy crafts for you and your kids.

CreaTee Kit is also a social enterprise involved in children and anti bullying cause. CreaTee believe that children can build their self-esteem through creativity. Art can be used to help children boost their confidence and express themselves effectively.

Want to know what other projects we will do with the remaining CreaTee materials?
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Macrame Plant Hangers are in trend! Here's What You Need to Know About it! (Tutorial)

Macrame is a form of knotting materials such as cotton twine jute, leather, yarn or even T-shirt material to form, hold or decorate anything such as potted plants, jewelry or bottles.  You can even make a hammock or a room divider with some sturdy materials available.

Macrame was a popular trend back in the 1970s. The most popular Macrame item that I could remember was that for hanging potted plants around the house.  These were further decorated with wooden and colorful beads.  

There are many knotting techniques that you can follow to create a Macrame item. Learning techniques such as Half knot, Square knot, Vertical Half Hitch knot, Diagonal Half Hitch and many more can be found on the internet or via YouTube. Check out our Pinterest board!


Five Truths I Found in 'Quitting' (For the Creativepreneurs)

When I wrote about quantum moments, someone told me that I quit a job for an easy way out, and I don’t have stamina to survive in a competitive environment.

He made me review every life decision that has brought me where I am today, and I appreciate that.

When I looked back, I realised that I quit a few things in life besides jobs.

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