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The Artsy Craftsy is a Malaysian platform that explores creativity. It doesn't fit in ONE, specific box. Our intention is to inspire personal + collective growth through creative arts & crafts content, activities + community.

Becoming The Artsy Craftsy

Started off as a blog in 2008, Shia Lynn was determined to start The Artsy Craftsy after noticing there were no Malaysian creativity website or blogs. The aim was to document Shia Lynn's creative exploration and to offer her creativity-centric platform as a support to those who are embarking on a similar self-discovery journey. She included content on DIY arts and crafts, while sharing her thoughts on how creativity helped her with her self-development. Overtime, Shia Lynn expanded her content to empower people to be creative and discover the joy of creativity + art making. As an initiative, Shia Lynn also feature like-minded people in the scene, mainly Malaysian artists, crafters and makers. 

In 2014, Shia Lynn entered The Artsy Craftsy in the DiGi WWWOW Awards Malaysia and was selected as one of the Top 10 finalists in the content category. Finally, in 2015, The Artsy Craftsy became a full-fledge platform to cultivate creativity through content, community engagement and activities. 

At The Artsy Craftsy, we believe in small wins everyday! The year 2021 marked as a special achievement for us as The Artsy Craftsy has expanded from a one-woman show to a crafty group of three. Collectively, with the team of contributors, we carry over 25 years of experience in the arts and crafts industry, including retail, product knowledge, servicing, teaching and events. Our next milestone is to make sure that we turn the pioneer T.A.C name into a resourceful hub.

We give thanks to the support of some of our fans-turned-friends, because of them The Artsy Craftsy remains one of the most go-to names in the Malaysian arts and crafts community

Shia Lynn Victor is a passionate Creative who believes in: Healing with Art and Doing What You Love. She finds joy in inspiring people with creativity for personal growth. Shia Lynn leads The Artsy Craftsy as a founder & creative director. In her community, Shia Lynn is known to be resourceful among fellow artists and crafters, and likes sharing her recommendations. Apart from The Artsy Craftsy, she is also an Intuitive Visionary Artist (traditional and NFT) and co-organizes Craft Affair Malaysia, an artisanal handmade event. Shia Lynn lives & breathes an artful life with her husband, Justin and their psychologically complex cat, Fuzzy (who thinks she's a human). When she's not channeling her inner-Frida, she enjoys organizing and decluttering her house (a strange yet interesting hobby) and binges on fantasy genre movies. READ MORE

Rebecca cannot help seeing how it all fits into the big picture. What it is, where it belongs, who it affects, why it makes sense and how it all works. You'd think that we're referring to something specific,... but no. This is how she sees the world and it is how she interprets every area of her life. She puts her family before everything and that includes Suki, their cat - that's her biggest 'picture' (for Suki, well, completely in a world of her own and can't decide between being anti-social or affectionate). Her idea of a perfect day is one filled with a little craft, a little food, a little scrabble, a little reading and a little chatting with friends. What more can we say, at The Artsy Craftsy she helps with... you guessed it... the big picture. Say hello to our resident creative team & content coordinator READ MORE

Alice is a cat-momma (a boy cat called Kitty Moo who apparently gets himself in strange situations and often needs rescuing), crazy aunty, teacher, sculptor and a craft supply hoarder. She is on a mission to share people's stories through her creations and happy to spread the creative bug. As The Artsy Craftsy's resident team member, she is usually behind the scenes as our creative platform coordinator (she also likes to pop up with very, very random jokes too). When she's not sculpting, she enjoys cat cuddles, Netflix-binging and playing human-canvas for her niece to paint on. READ MORE

PS. Yes, we are all crazy cat ladies!
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