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The Artsy Craftsy is a Malaysian platform that explores creativity to inspire personal and collective growth by supporting the creative arts and crafts through content, activities and community.

How The Artsy Craftsy Started

Started off as a blog in 2008 when there were no local arts & crafts blogs/websites, Shia Lynn Victor created The Artsy Craftsy to document her personal healing with art journey and creative exploration. Her aim was to offer her creativity-centric platform as a support to those who are embarking on a similar self-discovery journey. She included content on DIY arts and crafts, while sharing her thoughts on how creativity helped her with her self-development. Overtime, Shia Lynn expanded her content to empower people to be creative and discover the joy of creativity + art making. As an initiative, Shia Lynn also feature like-minded people in the scene, mainly Malaysian artists, crafters and makers. 

Finally, in 2015, The Artsy Craftsy became a full-fledge platform to cultivate creativity through content, community engagement and activities. Thanks to the support of some of our fans-turned-friends, The Artsy Craftsy remains one of the most go-to names in the Malaysian arts and crafts community

Shia Lynn Victor is a passionate Creative who believes in two things: Healing with Creativity and Do What You Love. She finds joy in inspiring people with creativity and combines it with arts & crafts for personal development. In her community, Shia Lynn is known to be resourceful and a guide to fellow artists and crafters. 

In 2008, Shia Lynn was determined to start The Artsy Craftsy after noticing there were no Malaysian creativity website or blogs. In between her full-time position as a copywriter, she documented her creative explorations, self-study art and network with local creatives. Shia Lynn left her job in 2015 to devote herself to her passion. 

Apart from The Artsy Craftsy, she is also an Intuitive Visionary Artist, leads The Artsy Craftsy Friends a small creative inner circle for artists & crafters, and co-organizes Craft Affair Malaysiacurated artisanal & handmade markets.

Before The Artsy Craftsy, Shia Lynn was no stranger to the arts and crafts field. Back when she was an advertising college student, she started her first freelance craft business called Knick Knacks, a fabric painting service and then renamed it to Painted On Enterprise in 2005. She hand-painted on bridal wear & evening gowns and had her first, two wearable art fashion shows. Some of her early clients were La Senza, Dragonfly Tattoo and Wondermilk.

Shia Lynn holds:
A Certificate in Fabric Painting Teacher's Programme by Pebeo, France
A Certificate in Finding Your Essence Through Colours (Level 1) & Colour Psycho-Spiritual Therapy (Level 2) by International Academy of Colour Consciousness. 

She has also been professionally trained by renowned names in the same space, like Craft Haven, Da Vinci Creative Kids and The One Academy.

"I have been in a relationship with arts and craft for as long as I can remember, and I saw creativity as part of my soul.  
Before The Artsy Craftsy was created, I was on a journey of soul searching. During this time, it shined a light on my blockages and I realized, I was missing something in my life- passion. This realization forced me to do the inner work and fix the root cause. It taught me the tools on how to tap into my creative self to unleash my fullest potential and live life as a creative person. I learned to recognize my own qualities and it inspired me to want to do the same for others by empowering women with creativity. That was how The Artsy Craftsy was born! 
Art became my inner voice, and balanced me as a creative person. As a self-taught artist and crafter, over the years, I broke through my creative boundaries and found balance in art (my passion) and copywriting (my rice bowl) in my  journey. After serving the corporate industry for more than 10 years, something in me changed! A shift happened, and next thing I know, I was going full-time on The Artsy Craftsy. While it was wonderful managing The Artsy Craftsy as a craft-hobby blog, I decided that it was time for me to pursue my passion, and to empower individuals to unleash their fullest creative potential. 
To know that I am able to share this with the community is just pure happiness! On a final note, it is up to us how we craft our life and what kind of stories we want to tell in our paintings. Answer the call of destiny, if your passion calls out to you, but always stay true to yourself!"   Shia Lynn. 

Shia Lynn lives and breathes an artful life, appreciates creativity in all forms. Her favourite artists are Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. It has been more than 10 years since her involvement in Malaysia's arts and craft scene. 

If you are interested to pursue the handmade path or seeking for creative clarity, you may book Shia Lynn for a consultation session. 

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