Creative Self-Care: 8 Ways to Empower Yourself

How to Empower Your Self-Worth as a Creative Person

I get this question all the time on how to empower myself, and if I have certain methods that I use to lift myself up everyday. I do have my crappy days, and like every other artist, I do have self-immobilizing  thoughts to deal with too. I don't think there are any specific methods on how to empower myself daily, but I do know one thing for sure, it all boils down to how we view ourselves. How we view ourselves affects how we talk to ourselves.

Before I go on, I would like to let you know that this blogpost is an elaborated version of an Instagram post that I posted on @shialynnvictor not long ago. I decided that it was too good of a list to not share it as a long form piece of content. However, these days, I find that spending hours composing a well structured and well formatted long form content takes up half the fun of creative writing. I miss expressing myself freely and creatively on the blog without having to worry about keywords and search engine optimizations. So, I decided that for this blog title, I will be as authentic as possible.

Where was I?

Alright, so growing up, I had my fair share of dealing with self-worth and insecurity issues. I didn't quite have a happy childhood, I was self-conscious as a child and more often, I was caught up in a family dynamic as a scapegoat and being the youngest. I was teased, shamed and was left out most of the time because the little kid can't roll with the big kids- it just doesn't work like that. I grew up to be vulnerable and sensitive, and later on as an adult when certain deep rooted family issues emerged, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. The experience affected how I viewed myself and my entire existence. Heck, it even snowballed into how I view myself as a Creative.

You would think that perhaps as an adult, I would've probably gotten over it because of age- you know, like how they always say, as you grow older, you start to see things differently. I think, combined with some experiences good and bad, it certainly has helped put things into perspective a little bit more. I also learned that what worked for myself, may not work for others, however, if you think about it, it's all the same; the script may be different but the language is still the same.

So, over the years, after multiple observations, experiences and pain & gains, I have learned some pretty straight forward "ways" that has helped me with my self-worth:

1. Understanding your qualities, your strengths, and your personal attributes.

2. Taking the time to appreciate yourself and connect with yourself inwardly.

3. Learning how to communicate yourself and be kinder to yourself.

4. Learning how to value the importance of your existence.

5. Taking responsibility for yourself and what happens/happened to you instead of blaming others.

6. Feeling abundance by giving thanks to every good thing that come your way.

7. Recognizing obstacles as an opportunity for you to grow. Detach instead of attach.

8. Trust your Self and your own intuition, instead of seeking approval from others.

In my perspective, this list do not need any elaboration (Yes, I intentionally did not want to elaborate each point). I think the meaning of each point is pretty much given. Sometimes, when we intellectualize things, we end up over thinking and we miss out on the big picture. My advice is, refer to the meaning of each points as it is, you can't go wrong with it.

You got this.

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