The Benefits of Making Small Paintings

What Are the Benefits of Creating Small Art and Why You Should Create Them.

Making small paintings offers a surprising array of benefits for both aspiring and seasoned artists. Here are some of the key advantages:

Practical Advantages


Smaller canvases and panels require less paint and other materials, making them cheaper to create. This is especially helpful for experimenting with new techniques or colors without a big investment.

Less space needed: 

Small art doesn't need a dedicated studio. You can create on a tabletop, lap desk, or even outdoors. This is ideal for those with limited living space or who travel frequently.

Faster completion: 

Smaller size translates to quicker drying times and less overall time spent on each piece. This allows you to experiment more, complete series of works, and gain a sense of accomplishment more often.

Easier storage and display: 

Small paintings are easier to store and find a place for in your home, or in gallery exhibitions. They can also be grouped together to create interesting visual groupings.

Artistic Advantages

Focus on composition and essentials: 

The limited space forces you to prioritize strong composition and simplify details, leading to clearer communication of your artistic message.

Improve problem-solving skills: 

With less room for error, you learn to make decisive brushstrokes and solve compositional challenges creatively. This hones your artistic skills and confidence.

Explore new ideas and techniques: 

The lower investment makes it easier to experiment with new mediums, styles, and subject matter without fear of making costly mistakes.

Develops observation skills: 

Focusing on capturing the essence of a subject in a small format strengthens your ability to observe and distill details effectively.

Practice and iterate quickly: 

Completing multiple small paintings allows you to iterate on ideas more quickly, refining your style and technique with each piece.

Additional benefits

Great gifts: 

Small paintings make unique and affordable gifts for others, spreading the joy of art and potentially building a wider audience for your work.

Portable for plein air: 

Small canvases are perfect for taking outdoors to capture landscapes, cityscapes, or fleeting moments.

Satisfying and relaxing: 

The quick completion and manageable scale can make small paintings a relaxing and enjoyable creative outlet.

Whether you're a beginner dipping your toes into the world of art or a seasoned artist seeking new avenues for exploration, small paintings offer a rewarding and versatile option. So, don't underestimate the power of pint-sized masterpieces!

I hope this information is helpful! Leave a comment and let me know if you have any other questions about making small paintings.

Here are some of my recommended art supplies to help you start a small art collection:

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