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Quite regularly, I get asked for recommended Makers who can personalize gifts, or artists and crafters for hire and arts and craft supplies or tools for DIY projects. With an existing blog platform, why not use it as a directory to point people in a specific direction.

Interested in getting listed? Here are some details to help you apply now:

Blog Statistics

Our All Time views consist of 1.08M views in total. Although the blog was created in 2008, this data is collected since year 2012.

In the last 3 months, the total views is +/- 32.9K.

In 1 year, an estimated view of 100K is collected. However, this also depends on the frequency of the blog posts. The blog's readership has grown since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Our audience has garnered readership from all over the world based on the topic of interest- with Malaysia being the most of course. Under Unknown Region, it could simply mean that it was redirected from Instagram or other social media platforms.


Other enquiries mostly come from direct messages or emails, from corporate brands and companies, individuals who are looking for a specific craft or item, or social media users who are looking to follow current trending crafts.

Listing Fee

1. Fee: RM35 per listing

Top up fee for existing listing: 
  • For additional 2 images of storefront or workspace: RM10
  • For updating information / renewing photos RM25

2. You will receive:
  • Submission up to 6 of your best product images.
  • Instant e-mail blast to our existing newsletter.
  • Digital footprint: Your own listing link with details of what you offer.
  • Referral directly to your listing.
  • Social media post + Instagram collaborator tag.
3. Anyone, in the Malaysian art and handmade landscape can be listed.

4. Creative Studio owners, stationery/art shops, makers, artists and crafters are encouraged to list.

Ready to be listed?

Great! Fill in your details and make payment to secure your listing. 

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