Before and After: Wooden Side Table Makeover

I love furniture makeover projects. There is a sense of excitement when I embark on this craft adventure because I am personalizing how I want my home to be. Some of the types of furniture that I enjoy painting on are small wooden stools, side tables or coffee tables, drawers or a small bookshelf. Small, handpainted furniture often gives a unique character to your home. One of our recent wood painting projects was done with our student, Norma during a private workshop session. Together we turned an old, foldable wooden side table into a folk art inspired table to match her vintage styled home.

To start the painting process, we started off with some basecoat to cover the stains on the table.

We used white gesso for the basecoat, and painted uneven strokes (on purpose) with a large brush, deliberately leaving uneven layers on it.

Once the basecoat was dried, we used olive green and beige Jo Sonja background colours to paint the background. We started off by painting the corners all around, and slowly switched to the beige tone, painting it in a circular motion until we reach the centre.

We left it to dry for 24 hours. You can also use a hairdryer for a quick drying process.

With a floral design in mind, we sketched our pattern with a colour pencil lightly. We started by using only blue and green tones for the flowers and leaves, and alternate between light and dark. Norma wanted blue flowers and leaves in each corner, like a wreath. I wanted it to be painted in an impasto style painting, with thick blue paints to give it character.

We used two round brushes of no. 4 and no.6. Using the same technique as dry brush, we scooped a thick amount of paints and worked on each petal; first with a dark blue and then a lighter blue. I told Norma to imagine as if she is applying a thick amount of butter on bread or spreading icing on the cake. That's how the paint application should be.

I used a round brush no.4 for the small leaves.

The flowers and leaves are not exactly the same on each side, but I made sure that there was a balanced amount.

Now it sits prettily in her vintage styled living room. Look, it even matches her chair!

Do you have a piece of small furniture that you would like to revamp? Book a private painting workshop with us! Chat with us.

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