Creative Services

We offer a variety of arts & craft services for corporate brands and companies. Designed to cater specifically for corporate activities and corporate events, we enjoy working with brands and companies to offer our sessions or services depending what our clients are looking for. Our mission is to bring arts and craft into the world of corporate in the most creative way possible.

We offer:
  • On-the-Spot Personalized Arts and Craft Service
  • Demo Session 
  • Content Creation (video or photoshoot tutorial)
  • Hiring specific / group of crafters (we manage a small network of crafters)
  • Workshops 
Classroom style learning method with lesson planned. Suitable for corporate activity/team building.

Min. 2 hours, Max. 3 hours
  • Art Jam Sessions 
Facilitated session. Designed for corporate de-stress. Suitable for corporate activity/team building. No painting experience required, beginner-friendly.

Min. 2 hours, Max. 3 hours

Our Corporate Activities are Suitable for:
  • Corporate Events
  • Fringe Activities
  • Team Building
  • Private Media Events, Retreat, Family Day, etc.
  • Property Fair
  • Experience / Event Marketing
Suitable for Clients Who Need it For:
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Media Events
  • Experience / Event Marketing
  • Online Branding

Some of the clients that we have catered to:


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