Looking for a therapeutic art activity?

Hi! I am Shia Lynn Victor and I am also a certified Therapeutic Art Practitioner. The therapeutic art activities are suitable for corporate brands and companies. I am able to cater to 
corporate activities, team building, personal development and mental health sessions and other corporate events. In a group large group setting, I specialise in offering expressive art making exercises as well as integrating them with self-regulation tools. 

Conscious Creative Wellness: 
Art Making & Tools for Emotional Well-Being

Classroom style seated. Suitable for corporate activity/team building and personal development.

Please enquire rates for 10 pax or less and large groups. Contact Us!

Suitable for Corporate Activities such as:
  • Corporate Events
  • Fringe Activities
  • Team Building
  • Private Media Events, Retreat, Family Day, etc.
  • Property Fair
  • Experience / Event Marketing
  • Personal Development / Mental Health sessions
Suitable for Clients Who Need it For:
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Media Events
  • Experience / Event Marketing
  • Online Branding
  • Employee Personal Development

Some of the clients that we have catered to:

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