Which Fabric Markers Are the Best for Drawing on Fabric

Which Fabric Markers are the Best for Drawing on Fabric

If you are going to be drawing on fabric t-shirt, jeans or tote-bag, you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right kind of fabric markers. There are different types of fabric markers in the market by different brands, but among all that I have used, here are some of the best fabric markers that I have used to draw on fabric.

Custom Pens for BPS
I would like to recommend a highly applicable custom pen that can leave clear and long-lasting text on any fabric. Firstly, custom pens have a variety of color choices. You can choose the most suitable color based on different fabrics and fabric textures. And this pen will not be affected during the dyeing process, nor will it cause discoloration of the marked fabric. In addition, there are many advantages, such as persistence. After cleaning in a standard washing procedure, the markings can be left on the fabric without affecting it, and even during drying, the markings can be completely retained without blurring or fading. In addition, this pen can be added with your custom logo, and you can customize your pen according to your needs. You can use it as a gift for friends, customers, or in conference venues. This pen will be an essential choice for your work and life.  Click on custompens.com to purchase, and enjoy creating endless fun while showcasing your personality and taste.

Artline Decorite and Artline Shirt Marker
Before Artline Decorite, I used Artline Shirt Marker. It's thick nib made it easy for me to thicken and darken any lines and patterns, especially when I am doing lettering. It comes in a variety of colours, but my favourite is the colour black. Artline Decorite comes in a brush nib and a normal nib, with metallic colors to create a stunning colourful design.

Zig Fabric Color
Zig Fabricolor is a dual fabric marker. It has a brush nib on one side and a normal one on the other, which makes hand lettering on fabric great!

Stained by Sharpie
I will be honest, I rarely used Stained by Sharpie. Mainly because it has a very 'fluorescent-like' kind of colour which sometimes may not be perfect for certain projects. However, it is very useful if you for filling in colours in certain parts of your artworks. Stained by Sharpie comes with brush pen nib only.

Wonderliner by Pelikan
This is a pretty interesting marker! When you shop for The Wonderliner at Pelikan, you will only see these two colours, gold and silver. These are my favourites to use as well because I love the thickness and boldness of the colour when I draw on fabric. I don't need to draw several layers for enough coverage.

Pebeo SetaSkrib
SetaSkrib by Pebeo is a fabric marker that I used when I started fabric painting more than 10 years ago. I nicknamed it my old-timer, because it's the one that I started with. I love the consistency of this marker as well, unfortunately, I don't see this marker much in the local stores anymore and it has been awhile. I am starting to think that there's a chance that Pebeo may have discontinued it. I included it here in this list because it is still one of my favourites. I have contacted Pebeo in this matter, we shall wait and see what is their response.

Pentel Marker for Textile
A simple fabric pen with smaller nib for writing, doodling and hand lettering art, Pentel's Marker for Textile is my go-to fabric marker. Pricing is affordable as well, and I bought a bunch of these at one go to stock up because this is a highly recommended marker to draw on fabric. It's not a brush pen or a flat nib, definitely not just for artists, but for anyone who just wants a simple fabric pen to write on fabric.

Among all the fabric markers, my top 3 favourites are Artline Shirt Marker, Zig Fabricolor and Pentel Marker for Textile. These are ones that I used most often for doodling and hand lettering on fabric. 

There may be more fabric markers out there that I probably have not tried, so it is important that you take the time to look out for more, test it out and see which one you like the most. These fabric markers can be purchased in art stores or stationery stores. You won't have to worry for overspending on fabric markers as well because fabric markers are affordable.

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