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What is The Artsy Craftsy Friends?

Our founder, Shia Lynn love meeting new artists, crafters and makers. Her network with them has blossomed into strong friendships, and inspired her to form The Artsy Craftsy Friends. Also known as T.A.C Friends, it is a cosy inner circle where we gather with like-minded arts and craft folks to collaborate with on various projects while keeping the tribe first thing in mind for opportunities to grow their arts and craft businesses such as event participation, partnerships and gig offers too! We give priority to emerging makers. Once in a while, we get-together for support and inspiration over food, outings, arts and craft jams and discussions.

Be a T.A.C Friend!
An inner circle exclusively for artists, crafters & makers

Of course, we want to be able to keep track of everyone because there are just so many awesome people like you! To be a T.A.C Friend, you will need to write in to us to express your interest and we will reply you as soon as we can. You will get:

1. Invitations to participate in events.
2. Opportunities to participate in collaborations or projects.
3. Exposures like creative photoshoots, interviews, giveaways.
4. Invitations to activities or gatherings.
5. Gig or job offers where you can monetize your arts and craft skills and you will be managed by us. 
6. Creative tools & marketing opportunities to help your arts and craft business grow.

Interested? Let Us Know!


Sign Up for Makers Consultation
We offer one-to-one Makers Consultation* sessions for NEW handmade business owners who are looking for tips, guides and advice in the aspects of branding, marketing or self-development.
This consultation session is designed exclusively for makers, offering at an affordable rate.
Shia Lynn, founder of The Artsy Craftsy will be conducting the consultation session.

 Please contact us to make an enquiry or an appointment. Duration: 2 hours

*We will be revamping our makers consultation to Creative Life & Biz Mentorship session soon. 
Stay tuned.

Tag Your Art Work & Handmade Products!
There's just so many makers out there, but we want to be able to admire your work! Tag your Instagram photos with @theartsycraftsy #theartsycraftsy so that we can spot you!

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