Make Your Own Tillandsia Air Plant Holder

Do-it-Yourself Air Plant Holder with InspireWorks Painting Kit

I started working from home since 2015 when I went full time on The Artsy Crafty. I had the choice of setting up an office space in a different location, but I made the choice to work from home instead.
Some might feel, working from home is not something they would do because of the distractions, but personally I enjoyed it very much. Being able to work from home is a blessing because I am able to be close to my family and I am able to balance between life and work. I truly that it is important to create a cozy, creative environment in our home. How do I maintain my home? It's not about the shiny objects that I look for to decorate my space, but the little things that bring joy like colors, artistic elements or an air plant, like this one from InspireWorks Studio, to add a creative touch.

Making your own Tillandsia Air Plant Holder at home can be easy. I stumbled upon InspireWorks Air Plant Holder Painting Kit on Instagram when I was doing a compilation of 30 DIY Kits for kids and adults to have fun with. It is amazing how crafty people get during COVID lock down, and you have all these makers putting things together to come up with attractive DIY kits. So, if you are thinking of making your air plant holder, you can check out InspireWorks painting kit.

What You Need to Prepare
The Air Plant holder painting kit already comes with a set of art supplies like paint pots, stencils, a brush and a Nyatoh wood holder and a Tillandsia plant. Sounds like the perfect addition to bring life to a home space.

Other than that, you only need to prepare a cup of water to wash your brush and a palette. If you do have other colors of acrylic paints of your own that you would like to add on, feel free to do so.

What You Need to Do
1. Get your craft station ready and you are all set to start painting. Remember to protect your table with a mat or a piece of paper. In my case, I have a piece of wooden board that I used when I am crafting and taking photos at the same time. 

2. You will need to plan what sort of design you want to create. The good thing about this air plant painting kit is that it comes with a variety of stencils, so you pretty much can choose based on the available patterns and just sort of mix and match with it. 

3. Decided on your design? Great! Now you can start choosing your colors. The painting kit comes with a 12-color mini paint pots. That way you don't have to feel overwhelmed by how much you have to squeeze out on your palette or if you end up wasting paints. I dislike wasting paints- I scrape and save any leftover paints into a mini jam jars. Sometimes I get a unique color combination from the mixed colors, good for me! Haha!

4. Go ahead and start painting! Make use of the stencils which is pretty easy to use, and just have fun with all kinds of patterns and colors that come to mind.

Tips for Stenciling
Be sure to tape it down with a washi tape so that it doesn't move around when you are painting. Use the flat brush and paint inwards. If you find that the paints are all smudged after lifting the stencil, use a different color (dark or light color, depending on what color you used to stencil with) and outline it. This usually gives a little bit of character to your artwork.

5. Paint with dots! Use the back of the brush handle to create colorful dots. For some reason, dots make the perfect addition to doodle painting. 

6. Adding other elements: Go ahead and add on other patterns that calls out to you. The whole idea is to be free and easy.

7. Once you are done, give it a blowdry for quick drying process. Place the Tillandsia air plant into the holder properly. 

The air plant holder painting kit also comes with a Tillandsia food in a spray bottle. Mix with water and give it a spray as instructed. 

There you go! Now you have a Tillandsia Air Plant in your home!

Check out more about Planter Art on InspireWorks website!
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If you are looking to purchase an Air Plant Holder Painting Kit for yourself or your kids, do head over to InspireWorks website. Available on Etsy and Shopee

Original price is RM118, but you can get it at RM80 per kit when you purchase the kits on their Shopee platform using these codes below:
For Instagram users: JEFFIN80
For Facebook users: JEFFFB80
(Voucher promo ends on 30th June)

InspireWorks Instagram

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