WOW! 30 DIY Kits for Adults and Kids to Check Out

canvas pouch with paintbrushes and fabric paints

Plan your Craft Sessions with DIY Kits for Adults and Kids

Social distancing may be the new normal, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy things like how you used to. You can definitely still enjoy craft activities at home with these Malaysian-made DIY kits. Some of these creative biz savvy makers have put together not just one, but several craft projects for you to have fun with. The best part of it all, it's not just made for kids craft activities, but craft activities for adults too. Adults can dive in for some craft therapy moments.

From batik painting to pouring art and even shoe painting, you can already plan your craft activity sessions ahead with these DIY kits (maybe a craft per weekend, how about two? haha!). Make sure you bookmark this post!

1. Air Plant Holder Painting Kit by InspireWorks Studio
Tillandsia air plant with nyatoh wood
InspireWorks Studio's air plant holder painting kit has finally made its debut on their Instagram! According to them, "it is designed for anyone to express oneself freely through art". Don't you just love the sound of that? Getting an air plant for your home is a good reason, plus you can even personalised it. This kit comes with a Tillandsia air plant (yes, a real plant!) premium nyatoh air plant holder, stencils, mandala dot art stencil, acrylic paints and a brush for you to unleash your inner artist!

Get your kit - InspireWorks Studio Instagram

2. Arts and Craft Kits by Artsome Lab
A box of cardboard materials and craft supplies
A box of paint brushes and watercolour
A box of stationery with gold markers
Artsome Lab, also known as A Lab among their followers offer 3 different types of arts and craft kits that you can do as an adult, or do together with a child. Each kit comes with basic craft supplies, along with a FREE craft tutorial on their IGTV or YOUTUBE channel. But first, remember to get their kits so that you can craft along!

Get your kit - A Lab Instagram

3. Art Boxes by Private Art Lessons KL

Not 1, not 2 but 6 DIY kits by Private Art Lessons KL! Private Art Lessons KL aims for an educational-focused, arts and craft learning experience for children in their wide range of art kits, or as they called it the #DudukRumahArtBox. Each art box is put together for your kids to cure boredom, de-stress and have fun! Although it is meant for kids, but I think parents will have a good time crafting together with them in these craft projects.

Get your kit - Private Art Lessons KL Instagram

4. Batik Painting and Tie-Dye Kits by Te'ja Studio
A full set of textile learning! Te'ja Studio offers two types of creative boxes as they called it, which consist of the timeless, popular crafts; batik painting and tie-dye. It's been awhile since I have come across a textile learning kit, I would say that this is packaged pretty well with important supplies like batik wax, fabric dye and even tjanting as well. Adults, if batik and tie-dye exploration is in your bucket list, this is one to check out. Comes with instructions.

Get your kit - Te'ja Studio Instagram

5. Rubber Stamp Carving Kit by A Space To
For some people, carving can be therapeutic. If you have always wanted to try rubber stamp carving, you are in luck because A Space To has released their very own, crafty Rubber Stamp Carving Kit. This craft kit comes with a set of essentials such as rubber blocks, pen knife, stamp pad, wood holder, and not forgetting of course, illustrated notes and a video tutorial - start your rubber stamp carving process!

Get your kit - A Space To Instagram

6. Totebag Painting and Cold Wax Batik Painting Kit by Izipizi Craft
Just like their name, Izipizi offers two adorable easy-peasy DIY kits that you can easily try at home on your own. Not just beginner friendly for adults, but definitely for kids too! Each kit comes with the arts and craft supplies and instruction notes and video.

Get your kit - Izipizi Craft Instagram

7. Leather Craft Kits by CoralC Workshop
One of the amazing things about leather kits is that, for such an intricate craft, you are still able to do it yourself at home. Leather crafting is definitely loved by many adults, and CoralC Workshop did a good job making it available for everyone to craft comfortably at home. The leather craft kits offered by CoralC Workshop are, leather clutch with wristlet, leather purse zipper pouch, leather ID holder and leather keychain.

Get your kit - CoralC Workshop Instagram

8. Canvas Painting and Dreamcatcher Making Kit by Art by Lava
The artist who painted for the Sultan of Johor has now made her art jam sessions virtual. Known as Johor's 1st Art & Sip painting session, Art by Lava has put together two types of kits for those who like painting and those who prefer crafting (just get both!). You can choose from the list of your preferred artworks provided by Art by Lava, and it will all be packaged accordingly. You can opt to learn at your own pace with a pre-recorded video or you can join a live stream to paint virtually with others. Itching to CRAFT instead of paint? Opt for their Dreamcatcher Kit that comes with dreamcatcher making supplies and a pre-recorded video.

Get your kit - Art by Lava Instagram

9. Shoe Painting Kit by MTMT Studios
Design a parent and child twinning outfit with this shoe painting kit put together by MTMT Studios. There are four types of variations you can choose from, and it depends how many pairs of adult shoes or kid shoes you want. Each shoe painting kit comes with a shoe bag, paint brushes and a set of colours.

Get your kit - MTMT Studios

10. Acrylic Pouring Art Kit by Switch on the Moon Light
Pouring art is, without a doubt, still a trending craft. Switch on the Moon Light (what a cute name) is offering an Acrylic Pouring Kit for adults and kids. Beginner-friendly that's for sure, comes with a set of paints, a canvas and some extra tools to use all packed in a kit! No skills required. Restocking takes up about 2 weeks, but I am sure you can still write in and make your inquiries.

Get your kit - Switch On the Moon Light Instagram

11. Home Bonding Art Kit by Art and Bonding
Art and Bonding has always been known for their offline sip and paint art jam sessions. But with times like these, they have made painting at home part of the new normal with their Home Bonding Art Kit. Look out for their different themes, purchase their art tools and materials and learn anytime online with a tutorial prepared by them.

Get your kit - Art an Bonding Instagram

12. Watercolour Starter Kit by Joee Cheong Creative Studio
Watercolour artist Joee Cheong is definitely one to watch, especially her online classes. Her watercolour sessions are designed with comprehensive techniques, perfect for anyone who wants to start a watercolour hobby. She has launched an all new watercolour starter kit set that comes with a travel box of 12 colours and online access to her workshops.

Get your kit - Joee Cheong Creative Studio

13. Soap Making and Candle Making Kits by Craftiviti
I have personally attended a soap making session at Craftiviti, and I loved it! Take it from me when I say that team Craftiviti puts a lot of thought into their DIY kits, packed perfectly well with the right ingredients for you to kickstart your DIY adventures in soap making or candle making. Definitely a craft activity for families to enjoy together. Each kit comes with craft essentials, essential oils or fragrance oils, additional tools that you might need for the process and a digital card recipe too. You can also refer to their soap making or candle making videos listed on their website.

Get your kit - Craftiviti Instagram

14. Mossarium DIY Kit by Mossarium KL
If you like crafts and you like nature, this one is for you. Build a mossarium for your home or if you are looking for a nature craft activity to do with your kids, this is definitely something to consider. It can also be an educational, fun experience for kids as you build it together with them.

Get your kit - Mossarium KL Instagram


So, which one do you want to start with first? I would say quickly plan, purchase and start crafting right away. With a list of DIY kit this long, it is going to keep you busy. Don't forget to bookmark this post! Be creative, stay crafty and have fun!

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