Priscilla Garden, Sabah's Handmade Botanical Paper Crafter (Sponsored Post)

Handmade botanical crafts make the best option for those who do not have the green thumb. Or maybe you just want to have a bouquet crafted for a special event, like weddings, birthdays or perhaps a photo booth backdrop? The best part is, handmade botanical paper lasts longer, and much more flexible and fun to work with too! (Think rainbow unicorn colors that you can't get with REAL flowers!)

While the handmade botanical project is popular among crafters all over the world, I am proud to say that the art of handmade flowers is something that has been around in our Malaysian craft culture for years, and is still in demand for local traditional weddings. We have Malaysian crafters like Priscilla Garden who is going beyond by modernizing Hantaran Kahwin (otherwise known as gifts or dowry exchanged in Malay weddings) while retaining a quaint touch of good old Bunga Telur.

Though you may not have heard about her yet (now you will), Priscilla Ang is a Malaysian handmade botanical crafter that specializes in making flowers with crepe paper, fabric and nylon stockings. It is amazing how simple materials can be transformed into long-lasting flowers.

Now located in Sabah, Priscilla Ang has brought her creative business with her to the land below the wind. Some of the types of handmade flowers that Priscilla makes are Bunga Telur, Bunga Dulang or Hantaran Bakul, which are often used in traditional Malay weddings, as well as mini backdrops, corsages, boutonnieres, floral door gifts for other special occasions like Majlis Aqiqah (a tradition for babies). Orders are coming by request from other states such as Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

If you are from Sabah, Priscilla also offers handmade botanical craft classes and workshops for:
- Kids (age 7 to 12 and 13 to 17 years old) RM15 per person
- Adults RM30 per person.

Participants will be learning how to make paper flowers, nylon stocking flowers and clay-making flowers. Priscilla Garden handmade botanical flower making classes and workshops are held in Sabah.

For more details, find out more on Priscilla Garden's Instagram and Facebook | #priscillagarden

*This is a paid sponsored post.

*This blogpost has been edited with updated information: Priscilla is no longer active in offering her services.
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