(Review + Discount code) Sudio NIVA, true wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden

Recently, Shia Lynn and I went scouting around for wireless earphones. Everyone can relate to the frustration sometimes with dangling wires around your face and neck. We saw a few options and some were priced over RM 500 and a few just below a thousand ringgit. We decided to continue looking around just to see what other brands had to offer. You can imagine our excitement when Shia Lynn got the notification from Swedish audio tech company Sudio, was going to send us our 2nd pair of Sudio earphones. This time, it was wireless!

Every moment from unboxing to actually testing its audio experience was absolutely breathtaking. It came in a very nice packaging, and to our surprise, it came with free four awesome designed coasters. Things like that get my lovely wife all excited and a little short of breath.

Let me begin with how gorgeous these earphones were. It reminded me of the beautiful Swedish minimalism design that captivates our hearts when we walk through Ikea, or even when we experience the interior of a Volvo XC90. The finishing was simple, yet beautiful. It comes in a round, little casing that was cute but a little bulky, or at least that was what I thought at the time until I realized the casing was the charger! What blew me away was the fact that this little thing stored up to 4 charges of 3.5 hours listening time. That's a whopping total of 17.5 listening time!

Immediately I linked it up to my phone via blue-tooth and had to test this out. Obviously, being a metal-head and all, my first track was one of that genre. Cranked it up and it was sweet! I did think to myself that perhaps it did lack a little bass, but when I tested it out with other genres, I could really notice how crisp it was. The audio clarity was phenomenal.

To chalk it all up, I was absolutely amazed by this product based on 3 very key factors:

1. It looked incredible, and it connects as a Bluetooth too!
2. The function and purpose, a casing with battery charges and so many hours of listening time on the go.
3. The pricing was actually less than the other wireless earphones which we initially scouted. Plus, it comes with one year of international warranty with a Sudio certificate of authenticity.

Well done Sudio! You are absolutely crushin' it.

Editor's Note: Sudio NIVA's earphones with Bluetooth feature is highly recommended for artists and crafters, especially if you have your hands full while making art.

*Special thanks to Sudio Sweden for the item for product placement.

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