What is a Junk Journal?

Some of you may be familiar with junk journaling, some of you may not. For those of you who are wondering what is junk journaling, it is a combination of mixed media art and journaling. Junk journal making has been around for sometime now. It is rather popular in the United States, Canada and Australia. There are even several groups that support junk journal making; members would make and swap with one another.

What is a Junk Journal? 

Junk journal is a handmade book made up of recycled items such as papers from magazines, brochures, patterned paper, music sheets, envelopes, packaging, brown paper bags, maps, greeting cards, post cards, doilies, to name a few.  The book covers can be made from cereal boxes, old book covers or any hard card boards.  The list is endless, especially when your creative imagination is sparked!

When you create a junk diary, seemingly insignificant pieces of paper, rags, waste cardboard boxes, etc. will be given new life. This useless waste becomes a source of creativity, adding unique emotions and meaning to the diary. However, creating a unique junk diary with these materials alone is not enough. In order for each page to exude a personal style, you need some special props - cheap custom stickers that will become the perfect partner for your junk diary.

The advantages of these custom stickers are countless. The first is the custom stickers cheap. You don't have to worry that every page will incur unnecessary expenses due to stickers. At the same time, these stickers come in a wide variety and can meet your different style needs. Whether it's gentle and delicate floral patterns, personalized cartoon animals, or various retro elements, you can find the most satisfying stickers. Of course, you can also choose to upload your own drawn patterns. Whether it's junk diaries, handbooks, photo albums, or gift packaging, custom stickers can perfectly blend into it. Use these personalized stickers to create your own junk diary!

What Do You Do With a Junk Journal?

Creating and making a junk journal is like keeping a diary but with more graphics, memorabilia and keepsake items. It is to record and document your thoughts, memories, an occasion or an event that has touched you. It tells a story and it does not necessarily have to be a daily journal.  

Junk Journaling Ideas

Junk journals can be themed according to an event, project, your favorite writer or artist. For example, if you are going on a Hawaiian vacation, then the junk journal will be decorated with motives from the beach, coconut trees and hula hoop girls.  The contents can be an air-ticket, a map of Hawaii or ticket stubs from a cultural shows. If Frida Kahlo and Anne Frank are one of your favorite people, a junk journal can be made with pictures of them or popular quotes by them.  Vintage and floral theme junk journals are one of the most popular.

How Does a Junk Journal Look Like?

Junk journal comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can find out more about junk journals by watching some junk journal tutorials on YouTube.  I have listed 5 of my favourites junk journal makers below.  I hope that you will be inspired and will soon create your own junk journals.

Favourite Junk Journal Makers to Follow:

Junk journal is a very popular craft and hobby. There are quite a number of junk journal makers out there to follow, but I have listed my top 5 favourite junk journal makers for you to refer and get ideas.

1. Pocketfullofvintage

2. Lori(Just A Girl From The Bay)

3. EphemerasGarden

4. delygirl1961

5. Yvonne White

Making junk journals can really be fun and maybe addictive to some.  We hope that you will be inspired and start creating your own junk journals.  If you have already, please share with us, tag us on our Instagram @theartsycraftsy, #theartsycraftsy. We would love to see what you have created.




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