Four Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

It is Halloween, and this is the time of the year when costume and party shops get good sales! If you have a last minute party to attend, and you don't want to overdress or spend money on a costume that you might only wear once, fret not because I have just gathered four, easy-peasy quick and breezy Halloween costume ideas.

You might need to run out to get some of the materials, otherwise try to look for anything around the house that you can use for your costume.

1. Sugar Skull

image by Cuckoo4Design
The sugar skull costume is quite a popular one.

If you have a black dress and a lace scarf lying around, you are already halfway there. All you need is just some make up, or face painting crayons from Daiso or face paints from art shops like Craft Haven.

I think that the roses are optional, I am sure you can make do without it if it is too much of hassle. The important thing is the face painting and attire.

2. Wind Up Doll

This is a personal favourite, and probably one of the easiest costumes ever. All you need is a baby doll dress, a cardboard, toilet roll and paint. See tutorial on how to make a wind up key.

Elaborate your costume by painting your cheeks red and tie your hair in pigtails.

Want to play the part during the party? Walk like a wind up doll. But don't ask your friends to wind up the cardboard key otherwise you might end up with just a dress during the party.

3. Pumpkin Skull Face

image by AndreasChoice
Prefer dark and edgy costumes instead of the pretty, girly ones? The pumpkin skull face might be the one for you.

Also one of the easiest- all you need is a white and black face paints, or perhaps just use the lightest shade of foundation and lots of black eyeliner!

Check out the video tutorial HERE

4. The Burglar

image by Pinterest / Tara Michelle
This reminds me a lot of the burglar character in the video game The Sims. Haha!

via BuzzFeed
If there was a costume contest for the simplest and easiest costume ever, this burglar costume would be the winner!

To make this costume, you need a black cotton fabric, scissors and a black & white stripe shirt and black pants. You can even add in a black knapsack to look the part.

Click here for the tutorial.


Happy Halloween folks!


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