Sponsored Video: Ikea Cheras Funny - Punny Creative Ad Goes Viral - A MUST WATCH

image by Ikea Malaysia
Furnitures dancing.

Soft toys twerking.

Kitchen appliances jumping for joy.

In conjunction of its second outlet opening, Ikea Malaysia is celebrating its opening of Ikea Cheras by inviting you to its biggest housewarming party this coming 19th November 2015.

via Time Out KL

Ikea Malaysia has sent out its invitations in the form of a promotional video that shows off its popular Ikea items dancing around to catchy dance tunes. I must say, the video is creative and tastefully done! It was really addictive and fun to watch! *hits replay button*

Ikea has definitely hit home run with its lyrics that makes you want to sing along! Ikea has made sure that the song include its Scandinavian product names that rhymes along with the rest of the lyrics!

Pun-intended all the way in the video! A must watch!

*Photos of Ikea products were screenshot from its video.
**Disclaimer: This post is presented by Ikea, but all written content/thoughts are my own

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