Creative Learning Series for Your Personal Growth

Get Artsy Craftsy with Us

Creativity is more than just DIY hobby arts and crafts projects. Before we dive in to any skill-based activities, one of the things that people experienced most is the inability to be creative. 

We are all born with creativity or the ability to be creative, but unfortunately we have been conditioned to think that we are not because we were conditioned to focus on the progress not the process. Not only that, most of us are conditioned to believe that art & creativity belong in the same box, and you must be creative to be an artist, or you must be an artist to enjoy any form of creative process. 

Well, our job here is to help you tap into your creative potential, unblock creativity and unleash your inner artist. 

Our creative classes are designed to help you develop a better understanding of your relationship with yourself and creativity as a whole through the methods of creative mindfulness, play and exploration to elevate the quality of your personal growth.

*Due to our Malaysian Movement Control Order, we are only able to provide limited number of workshops that are fuss-free to prepare. Here are the list of what we are able to provide:

1. Totebag Painting
2. Abstract Canvas Painting (Theme: Abstract backgrounds / floral abstract)
3. Easy Air Dry Clay Creature
4. Easy Art + Lifestyle Doodle
5. Easy Floral Doodle Art
6. Easy Bohemian Doodle Art
7. Basic Lettering
8. Basic Brush Lettering
9. Therapeutic Intuitive Art Jam with Guided Meditation
10. Creative Vision Board Workshop

Fee: approx. RM100 per pax 
with an additional RM25+ for delivery

*Please take note that our minimum number of pax to start the class is 10. Maximum 20, and also subject to material availability. However, if there's more than 20, we can always break it down to two sessions on a different day/time.
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