Artist Chat with Eugene Nandakumar, Accomplished Artist Grand Prize Winner of Dreamscape Art Contest 2021

Eugene Nandakumar, Artist and Art Educator

In a recent Instagram Live chat session, I spoke to Eugene, a talented Malaysian artist who recently bagged the title Grand Prize Winner of Dreamscape Art Contest - Accomplished Art Category. 

It was an enlightening discussion with Eugene, as we covered some key topics on 
  • Tips on creative process
  • How to overcome self-doubt as an artist
  • Advice for budding artists to kickstart their art career
No stranger to the art world, Eugene has quite a journey not just as an artist, but bringing value to the future generation of creatives as an art educator. Eugene is a fine arts graduate from the Malaysian Institute of Art, and was awarded Best Student Award of the Fine Art department. He was serving full time as an art teacher in Sekolah Menengah Stella Maris KL since 2009, but has recently moved on to spearhead as Head of Art & Design department of Campus Rangers International School. 

Eugene has participated in 13 exhibitions, namely Pameran Pensel Warna Malaysia,Galeri Warisan Budaya, KL Tower (’14), Energy-Present & Future, Galeri Petronas (’15), Visual Art Pitch 2018, KEN Gallery (’18), Pensel 2019 Balai Seni Maybank (’19) and more.

Winning the Accomplished Artist Grand Prize winner title has added to his list of awards and achievements:
  • Best Student Award, Fine Art Department 2008, Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)
  • 1st Runner Up-Nando’s Perify Your Art Competition (’08)
  • 1st Runner Up- All New Toyota Vios, Blank Canvas Competition (’07)
  • 1st Runner Up- FRIM Warisan Negara Art Competition (’14) 
  • Top Voted Artwork: Energy-Present & Future,Petronas Art Competition (’15) 
  • Honorable Mention Award-2020 International Art Prize for the Original Artwork, STARVD ART Studio (’20)
Do catch the replay here, I assure you that it is definitely a chat worth watching. 

Take a look at Eugene's submission that won the judges' hearts.

Light of All Lights, 2017 | Charcoal

70 x 100cm

By Eugene Nandakumar


The creativity of life itself begins in darkness and end in darkness. Yet in that darkness we not only come into being, we grow more in those forty weeks than we will remainder of our lives. Human beings will always try to unravel the mystery of life, as it is our nature to, although the very mystery, the ultimate imago is comprehensible only to the Creator Himself. Some of life’s experiences are unexplainable but we tend to attribute it all to a single phrase- “it all happens for a reason”. Nevertheless, as we look back at our life path in hindsight, we understand that it is all not very mysterious ultimately, but is in fact constructed by the choices that we make for ourselves, be they good or bad. Wisdom begins in a dark moment, where black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can.

View more of Eugene's artworks here on his Instagram


About Dreamscape Art Contest
Dreamscape Art Contest was organised by Le Art Shop, a Malaysian online shop that focuses on supplying only quality art supplies for hobbyists and professional artist, and holds the distributorship for Etchr Lab products in Malaysia.

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