Six Chinese New Year Prints by Malaysian Designers

Hurrah! You are now reading our first curated content of the year on our new and improved The Artsy Craftsy, featuring a fresh design, vibrant colours and a striking image. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, the festive mood have already begun and everyone is already painting the town red. Even creative Malaysian designers are joining he fun by releasing their own Chinese New Year theme prints.

1. Atelier Le Petit Fifi

Watercolour artist, Atelier Le Petit Fifi celebrates the Year of the Monkey by releasing her own set of handmade ang pow packets. A classic style, with gold painting and a Chinese character.

2. I'll Studio
These unique ang pow packets are limited edition designs by I'll Studio, designed as a collection for a mini giveaway contest. It comes in five different designs, each showcasing the artist's representation of the Year of the Monkey.

3. Pebble Paper Design

Just so you know, Chinese New Year isn't all about the red. It can be expressed with softer hues like pink and cherry blossoms as designed by Pebble Paper Design.

4. Nala Designs

What makes Nala Designs special is how the brand combines the essence of Malaysia with elements of design. Patterns play an important part in the works of Nala Designs, and as you can see, they have released their latest Ang Pow Box that comes with 15 ang pows and 15 cards that you can even use it for other auspicious celebrations like weddings and birthdays, not just Chinese New Year.

5. Pitper Creative

Pitper Creative is a creative lifestyle studio that offers services such as graphic design, print production, website and interior, including copywriting and social media. Besides handling projects and clients, Pitper Creative exercises their own creative strategies by incorporating their own designs into collateral like these Chinese New Year postcards.

6. The Royal Press

The Royal Press is a letterpress printing museum located in Malacca, Malaysia. This little treasure spot goes way back to the year 1930's. They have released their own letterpress ang pow collection series, each printed with gold ink on beige paper. Beautiful!

Do you have a favourite print? Share with us!

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