Last Minute Christmas Cards? Here are Three Easy D.I.Y Christmas Card Tutorials

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Christmas is in 2 days time! Have you gotten your loved ones presents? Christmas preparations can be quite overwhelming, especially with present shopping and gift wrapping. The one thing that we tend to miss is getting Christmas cards for some of our favourite people in our lives. If you are tied up with work, not to worry, we have the right Christmas card tutorial that you can make instantly!

I am going to share with you three types of cards that you can make on your own, even at a very last minute:

1. Spinning Christmas card
2. Colouring Christmas card
3. An instant Christmas card

Templates are ready, and all you need is to do is download the templates. On the Left is for project 1, and on the right for project 2 and 3.


Project 1: Spinner Card 

Duration: approximately 20 minutes

You Need:
1. Scissors
2. 160gsm or 210 gsm paper for printout
3. Colour pencils (or water colour pencils)
4. Nylon string (or any strings that you prefer, can be anything as long as it's not too thick)
5. Glue and strong tape adhesive
6. Cutter
7. Ruler

Cut out the rectangle and you will get these two cute Christmas trees. You may want to fold the card base slowly and leave it aside standby.

Take out the nylon string (or whichever stringing material you prefer as long as it is not too thick).
Cut out the trees and get ready for next step.
Now, adjust and stack the trees together (back facing back).

Then, cut approximately 18cm string and place it in the middle of the tree. Tape it and secure with a strong adhesive tape. You may use a double sided tape or cellophane tape.

Tip: Make sure your string is securely bond, otherwise you'll get upset by the end of the project. 

Now stick both trees together. It should look like the one in the picture above.

If you find the tree is too plain, you can doodle it a little with some colour pen.

Next, secure both side of the string on the paper with strong adhesive.

Now, apply an adequate amount of glue and place the card on top of it and there you go- a spinning card!
Tip: For best spinning result, you may twist the tree a few rounds before inserting into envelope.


Project 2: Colouring Card 

Duration: approximately 10 minutes

You Need:
1. 160gsm or 210 gsm paper for printout
2. Colour pencils (or water colour pencils)
3. Water brush (optional, if you're using water colour pencils)

I personally think that this is a great Christmas craft project to do with your kids or as a family. Kids, and even adults love colouring these days, don't they?

If you want to add on some "wow" effect, I think some Wink of Stella can do some magic here!

I love this card! Can you spot the glittery hats?


Project 3: Instant Card

Duration: less than 2 minutes

You need:
Print it on 160gms/210gsm hard card

This is one of the simplest and time-saving card tutorial.

What you need to do is just print, fold and you are ready to win someone's heart in this festive season!

These are the three cards that I've came out with and I hope you guys enjoy them! 

Wishing you Merry Christmas and may you blessed with good luck and prosperity in your coming days!


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