Popular in The Artsy Craftsy Shop: Artsy Harem Pants

Now we have apparels too!

One of my biggest aim for The Artsy Craftsy Shop is to bring in bags and apparels with artistic styles and prints. You can imagine how happy I was when I released our first apparels collection:- 2-in-1 harem pants with beautiful aesthetic prints. Introducing, the Artsy Harem Pants by The Artsy Craftsy Shop.

The Artsy Harem Pants comes in various designs; each design has its own unique patterns and vibrant colours. It is a 2-in-1 piece because you can pull it up and wear it like a bandeau jumpsuit and tie it up at the back like a halter top; or wear it like the most comfortable pants paired with a nice top. 

The Artsy Harem Pants is currently available on The Artsy Craftsy Shop at an affordable price. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy comfy apparels with beautiful designs.

Why Apparels?
Fashion itself is a form of wearable art. When we select our favourite colour, style, pattern or even accessories, we are creating a work of art as well except that it is on us. We carry that piece of wearable art as a form of expression. When we select an item to offer in our store, we ensure that a piece of clothing, isn't just a skirt or a pants, but a type of clothing that allows our customers to express their creative-selves. We bring magic to them again!


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