Common Glitches in Apple Music and How to Fix Them

As a Creative, I often include sound healing as part of my creative process, which is why being able to access to music smoothly is important to me. One of the platforms that I often turn to for my audio needs is Apple Music.

Apple Music is a successor of iTunes that you can play on any smart device, such as a TV, Mac, or Android. However, just like other apps, it also has bugs and can cause issues in playing songs. Many Apple Music users have been asking questions on the Apple Support Community about why their app is not working. 

There are different issues; while some complain about disappearing libraries, others are worried about undue battery drainage due to Apple Music. You're on the right page if you are also troubled by this. 

This article mentions the most common glitches in the Music app and how you can instantly fix them at home. So, let's cut to the chase and read on to gain knowledge. 

1. Apple Music not playing songs on iPhone 

After the iOS 11 and 12 updates, many users found that Apple music won't play songs on the iPhone and related devices. If you are also facing the same issue, do not worry. It is a common glitch that you can quickly fix by yourself. Some of the primary things that you can do include; 

●      Restarting the App

●      Reinstalling the App

●      Resetting the network setting on the device. 

If you still can not play songs on your device, you can visit the following link to learn more about fixing the issue; Apple Music not playing songs on iPhone may also be because of your device's problems. The information on the link can help you determine the main reason behind this glitch and fix it quickly. 

2. It keeps Crashing when Used with CarPlay 

Many users have complained of Apple music crashing when used with CarPlay to play music in their car. It is a common issue reported in devices running on ios 14.5.1. The solution for this issue is simple, and you have to launch the app after taking off the internet access from the device. 

In simple words, the user persists in devices when the app is launched with an active internet connection. So, shut off the network connection and launch the app with CarPlay. Also, you can turn on airplane mode, reconnect the device with CarPlay and load it offline. Once the app starts playing the songs, you can turn off airplane mode. 

3. Disappearing Music Library 

Among the most common glitches is the disappearing music library on Apple Music. It generally happens when: 

●      The app is deleted from the device 

●      You have disabled the iCloud Music Library 

●      You have turned off the 'Show Apple Music' feature. 

There are a few solutions to this issue that you can follow to fix it.

To start with, if you have reinstalled the music app, you need to download the songs again to create that library manually. Next, ensure that you enable the 'Show Apple Music' in the device settings, and the third is to turn on the iCloud Music Library. It will ensure that the library remains intact when you delete the app. 

Final Words

There is not one but many bug issues in Apple Music. However, the ones mentioned above are the most common among them all. We hope the information helps you fix the errors and have a seamless listening experience anytime and every time. 


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