How to Break Through a Creative Block

If you’re a writer, an artist, or trying to conjure something out of the box, you must have gone through a creative block, or blank page syndrome, as they call it. A creative block is a sinking sensation that describes your urge to create something unique and new, but your mind just can’t think of something, and you get caught in a creative block.

While artists go through this process at some point in their life, for many, it can be a stress trigger and affect their productivity. Fortunately, there are proven ways how one can overcome the blank page syndrome and foster creativity. 

Below, we have shared four ways you can break through a creative block.

Jot Down Your Ideas 

In a study of three groups of nine blocked writers, those who were habitual writers showed the highest level of creativity and found the generation of new content easy. However, those who used to write once in a while showed little-to-no improvement in curating new work. Hence, experts advise writing your ideas (both good and bad) down on paper and that, too, consistently. No matter how poor your idea or creative work is, write it down until you push yourself to make it better. 

Don’t force it; Take a Break 

On the flip side, if you’re unable to create something, it is often advisable to take a break. Instead of ruminating over a task for hours, get your attention off of work and do something else. It is all about balance. For breaks, you can consider watching your favorite movie, stalking your friends on social media to change your thought pattern, or just snuggling in bed and going to sleep if you feel like it. 

Try Cannabis to Get Back Your Productivity 

Did you know most American and Canadian residents prefer getting high to boost their productivity? Most of them also smoke cannabis to get new ideas and break their avoidant thought patterns. All they take care of is buying good quality weed from a canadacannabisdispensary to experience an extended high feeling and promote divergent thinking. Many users claim taking cannabis helps them create outside-the-box ideas. But don’t smoke too much, as it can make you overwhelmed, and you might end up sleeping instead of working on creating something new. 

Change Your Scenery for Inspiration

Returning to the same workstation every day could also be a hindrance to your creative block. Thus, trying to change your work scenery can stimulate creative thinking and awaken your spirit to create something outside the box. You could turn to a new cafe in town, go to a shared space, or even a getaway to another city to have a change of environment may help to a great extent. In fact, science has shown that a change of environment or traveling can increase the levels of creativity in our brains. 

Final Thoughts 

Going through episodes of creative blocks is never fun, but the truth is most of us go through this at some point in our careers. So, next time you get in a creative rut, try our above-mentioned ideas to get your creative spirit flowing. 

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