Workspace Makeover: How I Reorganised My Craft Space

Workspace Goals: Craft Space Organization Process

Personally, I find that reorganizing my space and decluttering is way for me to destress. I also find that it fills the space with new energy and welcomes new opportunities too. Last year during Covid-19 lockdown, I decided that it was time for a change of environment. I had the urge for a revamp- perhaps intuitively, I felt the need to do something to set a domino effect for growth.

After some self-reflection, I realized that perhaps, since we have moved here, I might have restricted myself in terms of giving myself the space to create freely. I have limited myself when I insisted that I wanted to make space for private classes that I didn't prioritize my creative well being at all. 

You see, before this, I had separated my craft space and writing desk- and it did feel kind of rigid. Plus, I was not ready to move on from the idea of having classes and making way for a new path for myself. So, when the lockdown happened, I suppose it was the universe's way of nudging me towards a fresh start.

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I moved out my writing desk and created a writing nook in the little craft space that I have. I decluttered, reorganized my entire craft supplies and allow myself to craft, journal, blog and write next to the fresh air (we added a netting screen on our gate so that we are able to air the house without worrying about the flies or mosquitoes).

In this video, you will see that I have utilized some of my favourite desktop organising accessories from Jadi Life, as well as wooden crates, trolleys and baskets that I have purchased online on some affordable platforms. 

If you are looking for some recommendations on how to organise and sort your craft supplies, leave me a comment in the video. 

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