Q&A with Creative Mixed Media Artist, Akshita Palvia

Akshita Palvia, Mixed Media Artist, Mandala Art Enthusiast

I first got to know Akshita as a student from one of my private workshops. Akshita was such a pleasant student to teach because she was opened to exploration and the willingness to learn. One can truly see the enthusiasm for art in Akshita. Not long after that, I watched Akshita's art interest expanded. She flourished as a full time artist on Instagram and turned her followers into fans of her art because she continue to offer value through her art process videos and tutorials. This is what happens when one finds joy in their work. It no longer becomes work because it is executed out of passion. Passion can take you as far as you want, as long as you are willing to commit to it. Such an honor to be able to witness Akshita's passion bloom and grow. -Shia Lynn

Hey there Akshita! Congratulations on your 10k Instagram Milestone!

Thank you so much! Hi, I am Akshita Palvia Negandhi, the face behind the art handle: @ArtyPants_AP on Instagram. I am a lawyer and a self taught artist. Art has always been a part of my life.

My favourite mediums are watercolors and acrylics and favourite art forms are mandala and landscapes.

Creating, sharing and teaching art for me are ways of self expression. I love to conduct workshops, where I impart knowledge and meet new people. I also love to share process videos and tutorials to motivate my followers to get inspired and create their own art. All of this has brought me immense joy and everyday I look forward to creating new content.


How did you start your creative journey as an artist?

I have been creating art for over 20 years. I took up art and became a full-time artist in May 2019, when I quit my job as a lawyer and moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and launched my artpage: Artypants_ap.


What are your goals as an artist?

I love experimenting with different mediums, be it pencil, charcoal, watercolors, acrylic or oil. Everyday I learn something new and that keeps me motivated to be a better artist.


How did you discover your niche or style as an artist and evolve overtime?

I feel Mandala is not only an art form that results in beautiful creations but also helps one build their concentration by teaching us to focus and to be consistent. It is an art form that’s been practiced since centuries and I would like to be a part of bringing it back. Mandalas, meaning “circles” in Sanskrit, are sacred symbols that are used for meditation, prayer, healing and Art Therapy.

There are various forms of Mandala art such as dot painting, mandala designs in a circular layout, mandala designs and patterns inside a sketch of an object, etc. I mostly work with mandala designs in a circular layout. I personally see a spike in my focus and concentration when I work on Mandala designs.

One more reason that this art form is close to my heart is because it shows off the beauty of symmetry where simple design patterns that are repeated come together to form a very intricate work of art.


What are the most effective ways to create exposure for you as an artist?

Constantly share good content on your feed, upload tutorial videos and most importantly, reshare works of fellow artists and artists who have recreated your work.


Creative Advice in Times of Covid

Coping with the current climate, Do you have any valuable tips to share with emerging artists who are struggling with social Media? 


Art is all about expressing oneself and imparting/sharing the creative process with others. Having said that, I would say, out of personal experience that it’s a slow process getting to a stage where one can find and target the right audience and find your core genre within art, and once you are able to identify yourself with a certain artform, then there is no looking back.

In this profession, it is extremely important to appreciate fellow artists and their work. This way you are motivating them and helping them grow.

It is a long and ongoing process and I am still in the process of learning and growing daily.

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Akshita!

Follow more of Akshita's artworks on her handle Artypants_AP on Instagram!

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