How to Paint Pumpkins in Watercolour with Cassie Wong

Easy Watercolour Pumpkin Tutorial by Visual Artist, Cassie Wong

Malaysian self-taught artist, Cassie Wong took over The Artsy Craftsy Instagram last month and taught us how to paint pumpkins with watercolour. Halloween may have come and gone, but this tutorial is perfect for the Fall season especially if you are in the mood of a watercolor painting project. In the takeover, Cassie has included some simple watercolour tips and what sort of watercolour art supplies you will need to prepare for this fun watercolour painting process. Here's a recap of Cassie's watercolour tutorial.

Cassie Takes Over
Hello there! My name is Cassie, I am also known as @cassielelolea, which is a name that I use on all my artworks. I am glad to be on board @theartsycraftsy Instagram takeover for the next 3 days. Thank you for having me @iamshialynn.

I am a self-taught artist based in Kuala Lumpur, and I am the founder of @leartshop. The mediums that I frequently used are watercolour, oil paints and domestic paints when I need to work on wall murals. I will be sharing a time lapse on how to do a watercolour painting.

Learn How to Paint Pumpkins in Watercolour

Art Supplies to prepare:
1. A medium or bigger size round brush or a mop brush, depending and how big is your paper size. I’m using a size 8 round brush and a size 4 mop brush.⁠
2. Watercolour paper. I’m using a 300gsm, 100% cotton paper⁠
3. Watercolours! The colours that I’m using in this painting are: Schmincke Transparent Orange, Daniel Smith Undersea Green, Van Gogh Gamboge and Sepia⁠
4. A jar of water⁠
5. Kitchen towel or a rag⁠

1. I started off the first layer with a mid/ lighter tone - a mixture with more water over pigment. ⁠
2. Then, work layer by layer to build up the values and depth.⁠
3. For the detailing, I up the colour intensity by creating a mixture of higher pigment but lesser water.⁠
4. Do have fun and don’t worry about getting it perfect. Keeping your painting loose helps to release the tension some people might have and the feeling of intimidation by just looking at something they are about to paint. Remember, painting or creating art should be enjoyable.⁠

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Now it's your turn to try. Hope you enjoy the painting process.

Tips on Watercolour Art Supplies

Here’s how the final painting looks like.

Pro Tip 1
Watercolour is a relatively affordable medium to start with. All you need is a basic set of watercolours, or just get the primary colours in tubes or half pans to start off with. You can mix almost any colours with the primaries. ⁠

Pro Tip 2
I would definitely advise to use decent watercolour papers - you can save on paints, but not on papers if you are doing watercolour painting. Cheap papers are gonna give you hell when you work your way through, trust me. You will need to get papers that can handle and take in water. 100% cotton paper is what I would recommend.⁠

Pro Tip 3
For modestly priced quality art supplies, do check out @leartshop

Questions are most welcome. You can DM me at @cassielelolea.⁠ If you are painting this, please feel free to share with us and tag us @cassielelolea and @theartsycraftsy

Happy painting!

Thank you, Cassie for sharing your watercolour tips and tutorial!

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