COLOP e-mark: A Fun Size Printing Device

COLOP e-mark: A Crafter's Review

As a Crafter, I try to source for craft tools that can be helpful and convenient for my craft projects. For instance, when it comes to printing labels or small images for my journaling projects, I try to look for ways where I can print conveniently without having to rely on the printer at home.

Apart from label makers, the only other portable printer that I know is a thermal printer. It is convenient because the thermal printer is travel size, unfortunately there are some setbacks to it; I can’t print in colour and it isn’t permanent- everything that I print eventually fades away. However, I do like the idea that I am able to set up imprints on the app that is connected to the printer. As there are a few setbacks here and there, I am still on the lookout for a decent portable printer. That’s when I came to learn about the COLOP e-mark- a mobile printer also known as a digital marking device.

At first glance, I found it fascinating that it prints like an actual coloured printer. Unlike a thermal printer, the COLOP e-mark requires you to refill the ink cartridge just like a normal home or office printer, except that it is size-friendly. While it sounds like THE portable printer that I was looking for, the big question is, is it worth buying? Here’s a walkthrough of my experience with the COLOP e-mark.

First and foremost: Get to Know the COLOP e-mark

The COLOP e-mark is also known as an electric stamp used for mobile printing. It allows you to create imprints to print in colour on almost all surfaces.

What does the COLOP e-mark come with?

The COLOP e-mark comes with an e-mark device, a battery, a power adapter, a 3-color print cartridge developed by HP specifically for e-mark, a USB cable and a quick setup guide and safety notes. Each COLOP e-mark comes with its own SSID and Password.

More details: 

The COLOP e-mark is lightweight and travel-size friendly. It is rechargeable using its own charging port and cable, with battery last up to 4.5 hours. Unlike a thermal printer as most of us are familiar with, the COLOP e-mark requires you to refill it with a 3-colour HP print cartridge. However, it is not any HP cartridge; this cartridge was developed by HP specifically for COLOP e-mark. The COLOP e-mark ink cartridge costs RM169 per cartridge.

Creating Imprints:

One of the things that impressed me the most is the app feature that comes with the COLOP e-mark. To download the COLOP e-mark app, a QR code is provided in the quick guide that came with it. You can also download it from their website: where you will have a selection to download to your device in iOS or android or to your desktop.   

The app allows you to design your own imprints and store up to four imprints. It allows you to use for things like, gift labels, logo for packaging or sender’s details if you are handling product shipping, as well as printed signatures or sign offs. With this in mind, it sounds like the COLOP e-mark is useful for small business owners.

Setting Up was a Breeze

Over the review period, I studied the guide on how to set up the COLOP e-mark device, watched some videos and learned how to use the app.

Setting up the COLOP e-mark was pretty easy, because it comes with a full, step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. Like all devices, make sure you follow the step by step carefully to set it up, because it can get pretty confusing if you miss a step.

Once I was done with the setting up, I can test print with it. I turned on the switch, the light comes on. I placed the device on a paper and glide it from left to right and it ends with a beep. The test print worked beautifully and smooth.


Connectivity: The First Set Up

Where do I begin…

Once I have passed the fun part with ease, the unboxing and preparing the device, the only thing that was left was connecting the device to the app.

It took a while for me to try and figure out how to get the COLOP e-mark device to work. Setting up was not much of a problem, the real issue was setting up the connection for the first time.

The instructions were pretty much straight forward, I had no issues with that part of the process. But in the process, the connection kept failing and I found myself spending a lot of time trying to figure out if I missed out a step.

The only thing I was able to do was to personalize my COLOP e-mark app. That’s because, there is an option where I am able to connect to it without connecting to the device. It allowed me to explore around a little with things like my name, contact details, uploading my logo and images, etc.

By this time, I have already pretty much set up my device, that means I was able to turn it on for the test print which showed the imprint, “Thank You for Your Purchase COLOP e-mark” and it came with a set of SSID and Password that was different from the one in the quick setup guide.

Now back to trying to connect the device and app again.

After trying many times to connect the app to the COLOP e-mark device, a pop up appeared “No Device Found. Make Sure Devices are Turned on and Available to Connect.”

My COLOP e-mark device was definitely turned on at this point waiting to be connected. I even tried installing and uninstalling the COLOP e-mark app because I assumed perhaps there was some error somewhere (when all else fail, that’s usually a desperate go-to, am I right?)

Here’s the puzzling part:

As I have mentioned, each box of COLOP e-mark comes with its own SSID and Password in a quick setup guide card. I made sure I keyed in the same details each time I attempt to reconnect. Finally, when I was not able to connect to it anymore, I looked over to the alternative setup details on the test print and gave that a shot instead.

While I keyed in the details, I went to this link here to look for another way to connect.

To connect to my COLOP e-mark, I needed to make sure that the WiFi connection is made through the app. I went to my WiFi connection on my phone, scanned and found the alternative SSID. I connected to it, went back to the app and it was finally connected to my COLOP e-mark device.

Who would’ve thought that the alternative setup details worked! It is still quite puzzling to me, but it is probably one of those one-off unique situations. Let’s hope it isn’t the same case with the other newly purchased device. Should you find yourself in the same situation, contact your seller or support team immediately.


Using the COLOP e-mark

Using the COLOP e-mark does require some familiarity. As I am more of a visual learner, I watched a couple of videos to learn how to use the COLOP e-mark. There are some features you will need to familiarize about COLOP e-mark, such as storing your imprint, designing imprints with templates or what the blinking LED lights mean.

Here are some videos and links that I have compiled on using COLOP e-mark:

COLOP e-mark Mobile Colour Inkjet Printer: Device Setup - link

COLOP e-mark Create Review/Tutorial - link

COLOP e-mark: How to Print - link

COLOP e-mark: How to turn on Continual Marking - link

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer: Setup & Troubleshooting - link

COLOP e-mark Mobile Printer: Sequential Imprints - link

Unable to Send an Imprint to COLOP e-mark - link

Checking for Battery Status on COLOP e-mark - link


Switching Between Stored Imprints

To switch between your store imprints, you can tap twice on top of your device and the LED light will show you the colour according to your stored imprints in your app.

As for the blinking LED colours, it isn’t just for aesthetic. The blinking lights actually has a function. The change in colours indicate that there is something that you need to take note of, for instance battery is low. To know what each colour means, take a look at this link for information.


If you enjoy the art of gift wrapping and gift packaging, you might like the idea of using the COLOP e-mark to print on ribbons using the COLOP ruler. With the ruler, it makes it easy for you to print correctly without worrying if mistakes are made. Check out my two Instagram videos on unboxing and printing on ribbons.

 Unable to view? Click here

 Unable to view? Click here

To buy or not to buy?

Personally, I think the choice for this depends on a person’s usage. You can definitely get creative when using the COLOP e-mark. I have to admit, it is fun to use and useful for creative projects. Perhaps the winning point here is that you don’t need to rely on home/office printers to print labels. While it serves as a convenience, but there are definitely certain things you will need to weight before making a purchase because the COLOP e-mark is quite an investment. 

With that in mind, you will need to lower your expectations, and not expect this fun-size printer to deliver big projects- and because it is made compact, there are certain things that still need improvement.

A COLOP e-mark mobile printer is currently priced at RM1399, and is distributed by AE Stamp Sdn. Bhd. Available for purchase on Lazada and comes with ONE free protective case.

Lastly, I would like to leave a note that my version of a review is merely just a walkthrough of my user experience from a Crafter’s perspective. Before you make a purchase or if you are considering to invest in one, I would advice you to do as much reading as possible on the COLOP e-mark reviews. If you do need a more technical review, these are the two articles that I think best explain the COLOP e-mark.

COLOP e-mark review: A functional mobile imprint printer by KL Gadget Guy

COLOP e-mark printer review: Flawed but Fun

What do you think of the COLOP e-mark handheld printing device? Would you buy one? If you do, what do you think you will use it for? Feel free to comment your thoughts.

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