How I Overcome Creative Block During Movement Control Order

Sharing My Personal Experience on How I Overcome Creative Block

This pandemic crisis hasn't been easy for everyone. During this time, I have learned to adapt and do what I can to cope with the current situation. As a creative business owner, I am used to conducting live events and in person classes and workshops, so you can imagine how this change has affected me as well with events cancelled and workshops postponed. I too have suffered from creative block.

In the first week of the movement control order Malaysia, people were worried, businesses were trying to adapt to the change, freelance artists, crafters and makers were looking for ways to go online. I had every urge to join the bandwagon, and thought of bringing my craft classes online and charging people at home a fee to learn. However, after much thought, I decided not to. Why? Because I know this thing is not permanent. So, I asked myself, what is the one thing I need right now mentally-emotionally? A solution for my creative block.
Yes, making sure that my business stays afloat is important, but what is more important is making sure that my mind is in the right place. I have to keep myself mentally and emotionally consistent. At the same time, I was hitting a creative block; I racked through my brain on what I can do to "show" on Instagram to keep my business consistent- I stood at my craft studio, going through my supplies, asking myself "Should I do this, what if I do this?" I felt lost. It was like a wild goose chase.

I moved on quickly and immediately to the idea of 'SELF-CARE'. The idea of self-care led to painting intuitively, and it led to the idea of staying creative by "focusing on creating". It has been more than 2 weeks now, and I have been focusing on creating everyday. No wild goose chase, no worries about whether I am left behind or not. Worrying will not lead to solutions, so I decided to focus on what I can do now for myself: Create to Stay Creative

When you focus on creating, it leads to problem solving ideas.

When you focus on creating, it opens up doors to opportunities.

When you focus on creating, you further yourself in skill and knowledge.

When you focus on creating, you take more steps forward more than before.

Personally, I think what people truly need right now is to stay creative, inspired and motivated with something colourful and positive to lift their spirits; or even reminders to tell them "Hey, it's okay to not feel okay right now. But hang in there, we are in this together," you know, something like that- a virtual pat on the back. I was very moved when I saw many other artists and crafters out there are taking this time to focus on creating just like what I am doing, while encouraging others to do the same and keeping the rest entertained and positive.

As for me, my routines are now much more consistent than the first week of MCO: I spent my mornings breathing, I work out and then I visit my creative space to continue my art pieces. Each time I make art, I get ideas on what to share for my next Craft Tip on Instagram or what craft videos to record. I still get enquiries on my services from potential clients who are planning for their next projects, and that made me realized that I need to make sure that I continue to create to build my portfolio.

The idea of online craft classes is still in the works, but rather than jumping into it immediately, I am going to take this time to work on backlog items or improvements and be ready for what's next. I have seen the trend spiked too high and too fast in the art and craft scene enough to remind myself what is more important at the moment. 

If you are small creative business owner, and you are wondering what can you do for now. I would say, take this time to research, observe and study the skills & tools to improve your small creative business, for instance marketing and Instagram. There are plenty of videos that you can learn from like Instagram Strategist Alex Tooby or Marketing Strategist Maverick Foo

As for artists and crafters, if you are doing an art a day to stay creative, keep it up, you are doing great. Perhaps you might want to try painting intuitively (click here to see my intuitive painting video) with any art supplies or materials that you can find just to break out of the comfort zone. I know it has helped me. Who knows, you might just discover something new!

We are in this together! Stay safe, #StayAtHome

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