DIY Decorate Easter Egg with Pretty Floral Design

Try this Easter Egg Project during Easter Day!

Happy Easter! One of the things that I enjoy most is decorating on different surfaces like fabric or wood, and recently on plastic eggs. Some of the designs that I usually do are mostly swirls and floral-based patterns. Thanks to Pinterest, most of my inspirations come from doodle designs, elaborated baroque patterns and Faberge eggs.

I had fun painting plastic eggs that I bought from a local craft store with easy craft supplies like multi-surface markers and rhinestones. Rhinestones may seem like child's play for little girls, but you will be surprised at how this plastic piece of bling can beautify your craft just like that!

For this craft project, I used:
FolkArt Acrylic Paint by Plaid Crafts
Decorite multi-surface marker by Artline
Liquid Pearls Dimensional Paints
Plastic Eggs

You can still paint eggs for fun even after Easter! I bought my plastic eggs from Art Friend, but you can purchase plastic eggs to paint online, although different types on Lazada here and here.

The plastic eggs came blank and empty, ready to be painted. I layered with several coats of acrylic paint. If you are doing this project, make sure you get a matte acrylic paint, and not gloss or satin, otherwise, you won't be able to doodle on it with the marker.

To be safe, I left it overnight and outline my design with a pencil.

Pro tip: Remember to keep your designs simple. It is a pretty small egg and you want to have space to have fun with your egg designs.

Then I used multi-surface markers and doodle the designs around the egg. For this, I used Artline Decorite. One of the things that I love about Decorite is that it comes in 2 different nibs, brush and normal. Although it is generally used for lettering projects, I get to play around with brush strokes like swirls and flower petals with the brush pen nib.

After that, I used dimensional paints such as Liquid Pearls to add on to the elaborated designs. Although, I only used this for one of the eggs.

And for the final touch, here comes the rhinestones!

I love how it turned out! Have a Happy Easter!

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