Paint a Clay Candle Holder and Use it as a Jewellery Trinket Dish

When I was visiting Malacca, I explored the streets of Little India and came across several shops that sold beautiful fabrics for sarees, flowers, incense and pottery. I stopped in front of the shop that sold the pottery, and immediately noticed the small, bowl-like looking clayware as Diya - a candle holder that is used during Diwali (or Deepavali) and also other occasions. Lighting of the Diya was symbolic, as it means spreading positivity to wherever it was lit. How beautiful. Naturally, I got a couple of Diyas to paint on. I always liked bohemian colours that are vibrant, fun and colourful. That instantly became an idea to paint on these clay pieces.
Painting on a Diya is not complicated at all, unless you are thinking of elaborated designs. 

For this craft project, I used:
Americana craft paints by DecoArt

For some of you who are wondering, craft paints is basically acrylic paints. The process is pretty simple, nothing complicated. All you need is to prepare a design in mind ahead before you start painting. I always go for floral designs, not only it is pretty but it is the easiest when it comes to simple doodle style painting. Watch the quick and easy process here in this video.

The finished piece! You can use this as a decorative piece, a door gift for parties or as a jewellery trinket dish for your rings!

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