The Art of Start - Do This One Thing First

I call it an 'inside job'.

Before you come up with business proposal, build MVP, financial projection, marketing plan or look for investor, you need to focus on your creative mind and shut down the chaotic external world.

You have to be so strong, so resilient, so fearless and so unshakeable that nothing could stop you from putting your work out there.

So, I told myself that I want to be a writer, and I want to publish a book.


I want to write a book that helps millennial to discover abundance in life from within.


I found happiness within myself through spiritual practises. I have gone through phases when I was completely lost in life. When I saw money as a mean to an end and started focusing on what the ‘end’ is about, I became more purposeful, resourceful and break free from golden handcuff of material needs.


What if I suck? Do I know enough about spirituality? Will people care about what I say? Can I write? It scares the hell out of me.

Does this sound familiar to you? ‘Starting’ is about creating something new. A lot of people have glorious ‘why’ and ’what’, and they let ‘but’ get in the way and keep delaying their creation.

Step 1: Have a Vision with Compelling ‘Why’

Marcia Wieder said that a visionary has a dream. Where do dreams come from? They exist only if we make them up!

In order to make up a dream, we have to connect deeply with our inner self, know what is unique about our life experiences and use what we were given in service to people’s life.

When you have a dream and you know why it matters, you will be able to articulate what you care about with clarity so that people get it, express it with passion so people get inspired by it. 

You will talk about your vision and dream in a meaningful and non-boastful way, and enroll people to make changes in their life.

Think about this - What dream must you realise to die happy and fulfilled? What makes you fulfilled? How can you help people to have the same?

Step 2: Belief Engineering

Our beliefs is what we think is true about reality, which pretty much determine what we do and how we feel about something.

According to Morty Lefkoe, three most common believes are: I am not good enough, I am not important, mistakes and failures are bad. Our job is to identify the source of self limiting belief and remove it.

For example, when you are going to do something that scares you, consciously observe your thoughts and ask yourself: ‘Why am I scared? Where does fear come from? Why am I afraid of failure?’

Once you find the beliefs, tell yourself that you weren’t born with it. Morty said that 99% of those beliefs come from interactions with parents in the first six, seven years of our life. When you realise that it is not you but the external factors, you can move on with new found belief you build for yourself.

I notice that although there were moments when I feel invincible with my dreams, there were also consistent bursts of self doubts that I couldn’t control.

The simplest thing we can do is to surround ourselves with positive people, because they said you are the average of 5 people you spend most your time with.

Step 3: Be an Excellent Story Teller

Lisa Nichols said that everyone has a unique voice with no competition because you’ve lived through your life like nobody else. She came up with a beautiful framework of storytelling called the ‘Big V’.

This practise starts with drawing a big ‘V’ on a piece of paper, or simply visualise it. Put a ‘Big Me’ on the top left, and a ‘Why’ on top right. At the bottom of the ‘V’, it is ‘All Time Low’.

Big me is your bio – who are you? Where are you right now?

Why – the reasons you’re doing what you do, the reasons people should buy from you.

Deep ‘V’ – your darkest, most difficult moments in life.

Why would people choose you?

If you could go down to the deepest V of your life, you let people see what you had gone through to be able to do what you do today. Being able to share your struggle and vulnerability, you pick everyone up and let your story be the glue that sticks everyone together.

Finally, turn outward and build the bridge to people with one thing that matters most - what is in it for them?

Step 4: Have a Spiritual Practice
Spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness help us to shift our focus inwards, so that we can turn up the volume on intuition and turn down the volume on critical mind.

If you can see through the needs to rely on materials or other people to become self referral for your happiness, you take the control of happiness back and put it inside of you. Happiness only resides in you one time, and that is right now.

When you are in harmony with your internal self and nature, acknowledge that nature will favour creation and let everything flow.

Sometimes we have to reconstruct our belief, truths, skills, lifestyle, and social circle to be aligned with our vision, and that’s okay. With every ending comes the beginning, we move and grow along with life.

And Then You Start.

This is me taking baby step putting myself, my work, my vulnerability out in the world. My big dream is to publish a book and it’s natural that I might suck now.

I did my inside job and I surrendered. Even if I failed, I make peace with myself that I die trying. Besides, how can one fail by being herself?

I figured if I wrote every day for 365 days, even though this is a B article; I might have A, or even an A+ one day. It is a choice I have to make every single day to write, write and write.

Now, what is your big dream?


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