Review: 8 Things to Check Out at She's The BOSS - A Women & Moms in Biz Bazaar

The coolest thing about bazaars like these is that you get to gather together with a bunch of empowering women (moms or not moms) and support one another in the light of small business. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly honored to be able to be part of this event. The best part: 8th May is also Mother's Day. Daughters no longer have to fret on planning Mother's Day activities when you can also bring your Mothers to She's The BOSS, an event by Moms4Projects.

Besides getting ready to participate in this event, I have also been sharing on Facebook on what to look out for at The Artsy Craftsy's booth. Here's the thing, I would like you to know what you can also expect from the entire event itself. Here are 8 things you can check out at She's The Boss:

1. Colouring Session

For the parents with little ones, you can participate at the TREE Area upstairs where there will be lots of activities for kids to take part in such as colouring session, story telling and even bicycle rides! Colouring session is conducted by yours truly, The Artsy Craftsy. Moms, if you enjoy colouring for adults, why not join in with the kids and get your own colouring sheet too. You are never too old for art!

2. Dance & Fitness Demo
Free demo shows by Lara's Place will be conducted on both days! Whether it is the sexy belly dancing (good for your hips), Wing Chun Martial Arts or Yoga for inner balance, you can watch it all during the 2-day event itself. Don't be shy! You can also take part as well, just come with your fitness attire and join in the fun!

3. Shop Kids Clothes
Mommies who love playing dress up for their little ones, you can shop fashionable kids clothes at booths like Lou Lou Apparel. Even kids can be stylish too!

4. Gifts for Moms
If you are looking to shower your moms with gifts like accessories, swing by booths like Our Spot Enterprise, featuring gorgeous lady-like costume jewellery and accessories that will make your mommy happy!

5. Henna Art

Most ladies are crazy about hennas! It is like fulfilling your body art fantasy without having to suffer the pain of tattoo needles poking into your skin! Haha! Mothers and daughters, get your hands done with beautiful henna designs, drawn by the artist of Uniquely Henna.

6. Shop Arts & Crafts

Creative gifts are always different from gifts like jewellery, handbags, clothes and shoes. It's a little more endearing, don't you think? If you are looking for something unique and different, you can shop handmade at booths like Annie Art & Craft Studio, offering crochet soft toys, zen doodle mugs and more!

7. Pamper with Manicure

Looking to pamper yourself with pretty looking nails for the week? You got it! There's a manicure session at Summer YC Beauty House- be sure to swing by!

8. Story Telling Session for Parents & Kids

Be sure to also let your little ones check out the story telling session by Malaysian Children Resource Institute! Reading helps with developing kids' creativity and imagination.

Don't forget to swing by this weekend, 7th and 8th May 2016 at The School, Jaya One.
Don't miss out the lucky draw sessions and goodie bags to be given away!

For more details, visit She's The Boss Facebook event page HERE.

Images retrieved from She's The Boss event page. Credit to Moms4Projects and fellow vendors.

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