Three Play-Doh Malaysian Themed Crafts to Make with Kids

Check Out these Malaysian Themed Play-Doh Projects

On 16th September, we celebrated World Play-Doh Day and Malaysia Day! For the special occasion, we collaborated with Play-Doh to bring you some fun Malaysian-themed craft projects that you can easily make with your kids as a fun family activity because crafts are for everyone to enjoy! Thanks to our T.A.C Friend & Play-Doh Master, Alice from The Craft Brewers, together we have created this tutorial featuring three Play-Doh projects that you can do with easy-to-gather tools; which according to Alice, you only need to use it for small parts of the projects because most of the time you will be using the most important tool- your hands! Let's get started on your Play-Doh creations.

Make a Karipap (A Malaysian Kuih)

What you need:
Play-Doh colours: Light brown, dark brown, yellow orange, pink and yellow.
Tools: Old toothbrush, satay sticks, Play-Doh knife (or plastic knife), a round template and a roller

Step 1

Roll and cut a circle using a round template (we used a Play-Doh Foam tub as a template!)

Step 2

Prepare the fillings by rolling it into little balls.

Step 3

Fill the karipap with filings and fold it up.

Step 4

Make tiny pinches and folds on the sides of the karipap and cut it in half. Use an old toothbrush to give it a little texture on the Karipap.

How cute is that, now you have a couple of miniature Karipaps to enjoy!

Make a Congkak (A Malaysian Traditional Game)

What you need:
Play-Doh colours: Dark brown, white, green, pink, blue and Play-Doh sand.
Tools: Play-Doh knife (or a plastic knife), satay stick, popsicle stick, a whiteboard marker and a roller.

Step 1

Roll a sausage shape following the length of the popsicle stick.

Step 2

Use the end of the marker to make holes.

Step 3

To decorate your miniature congkak, make tiny leaves and heart shapes or any embellishments you wish to add. You can use satay stick for textures and patterns just like the real congkak.

 Step 4 

Make the marbles! Use white, pink and blue and twist it up into a candy cane. Cut it up into small pieces and roll it into tiny balls.

There you go! Your personal miniature congkak that you can play with.


Make a Malayan Tiger

What you need:
Play-Doh colours: White, orange, black and yellow
Tools: Play-Doh knife (or a plastic knife) and a satay stick

Step 1

Preparation! Roll and divide an orange ball according to this guide: 1 medium size ball (for the body), 1 smaller-medium size ball (for the head), 1 smaller medium ball (for the tail, ears and nose) and 4 small balls (for the limbs). You should have a total of 7 balls.

Step 2

Start with body, limbs and tail! With the 1 medium size ball, shape it slightly like an egg shape for the body. 

Next for the limbs, make a teardrop shape and bend it slightly for the front legs, but for the hind legs, flattened the teardrop shape. 

While you are working on the limbs, go ahead and take a piece of the Play-Doh to roll a log for the tail.

Step 3

Let's make the head! Roll a ball and make it slightly flat. For the nose, make a small teardrop shape. 

For the fur around the face and head, roll a long white rope. Then, attach it around the head and pinch it. Or you can also use a satay stick to press the edges.

To add the tiger's mouth and nose, use 2 yellow balls and 1 white ball and place it accordingly just like the picture.

For the ears, make 2 small petal shape and pinch the sides. Attach it to each side of the head.

Finally, the eyes, make 2 tiny white balls and flatten it. Then, do the same with the colour black.

Step 4

On with the stripes and paws! For the stripes, roll a long, think black rope and attach it on the body in short pieces. Don't forget to add a black patch at the tip of the tail too. On the head, add 2 tiny stripes on each side of the nose and all around the tiger's head.

For the paws, roll a medium size white ball. Cut the white into 4 pieces. Attach it to each limb and use a satay stick to create lines for the paw.

Attach the head and now we have a miniature Malayan tiger! Use Play-Doh Sand, Play-Doh Slime and Play-Doh Foam to create sand, water and trees for a miniature nature background.

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