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Malaysian Visual Artist, Peisy Ting

When I first heard about Visual Artist, Peisy Ting, it was on Zhan Art | Space Instagram. I stumbled upon her art because of two reasons; her poetic art pieces that caught my attention and the title of her show 'Transcendence'. Not long after that, I received an email for an opportunity to do a written interview with her. It was the write up about her vision as an artist and the artistic translation of one's mindful journey in her paintings that moved me to share her story. I resonate with Peisy's creative journey and her art, perhaps because it reminded me of my own. Meant to be? I would like to believe so. -Shia Lynn
Let's Get to Know Peisy!
Growing up in an artistic environment, I did not set out to be an artist. Still, a lingering affection for art and design which led me to Birmingham City University, the UK, where I graduated with a degree in Visual Communications. Upon my return to Malaysia, I spent more than a decade and a half as an art director in advertising before taking a heartfelt leap to pursue my hidden passion for painting.

As a self-taught artist, I always seek to blend and flow articulating visions. I translate these experiential emotions into physical forms with bold and straightforward compositions infused with a raw, rebellious edge. My work is in a continuous state of evolution as I look to my past experiences and heritage as a preamble to my future creations.

What are your goals as a professional fine artist?
Piercing Solitude, Peisy Ting

Like many visual artists or any creative worker, part of my dream is that the hard work I have put in over the years is recognized and appreciated in some form, whether that is being accepted to participate in a group show, a solo exhibition, or some media coverage. The ultimate validation is when someone purchases your art, and which, to no small extent, proves that the time and effort put in has been worth it.

How did you discover your voice and your style?
Emotional Juxtaposition of Time and Space-Red, Peisy Ting

Everyone has a voice and a style; from the outfit they wear to the type of decoration in their house – it’s a reflection of a person’s choices and their style. As an artist, perhaps the difficult part was planting the seed within my consciousness and allowing the creative flow to percolate to the surface of who I am by keeping creating and creating. In time, you reach a critical juncture that just seems to connect with your heart and which truly shows who you are as a person – when you put something uniquely you into the world that wasn’t there before, you capture the moment of your own individuality.

As a creator, how did you evolve overtime?
Emotional Juxtaposition of Time and Space-Blue, Peisy Ting

I have endeavored to try as best I can to evolve as a person going through this finite journey called life. Yes, professionally, I consider myself a creative person from a graphic designer to art director, creative consultant, business owner, and now an artist. I have chosen to take the inherent challenge to keep pushing myself forward and not resting on what I have done in the past. I know there is so much inside of me that needs to be brought forth for tomorrow.  My creative path is in a constant state of flux. As I continue to go through life experiences, I will undoubtedly continue to learn, absorb, reflect, question, and ultimately grow as a person and artist.

Is the artistic life a lonely journey? What did you do to counter it and how did you handle challenging moments, especially when it comes to paid projects? 
Destructed Reality, Peisy Ting

The artistic life is a lone journey, but it's not necessarily a lonely one. I never find it lonely at all; in fact, I enjoy my own company and enjoy the solitude while creating, as that's my sanctuary whenever I need to get away from the chaos in life.

When it comes to paid projects, the most challenging part is probably getting paid in time, as sometimes clients tend to delay payments. And of course, there are no magic tricks in handling situations like these, but to be persistent and stand firm.

What are the valuable life lessons that you have learned that inspired you as a visual artist and your masterpieces?
Transference of Light, Peisy Ting

What I've learned thus far as an artist is – sometimes, you just have to follow your heart, and stay true to yourself, because if you are trying to be something you are not, it does show through your work in one way or another, and people can always pick it up.

In your opinion, what role does a visual artist have in society, and how can an artist contribute to mental health awareness through his or her art?
The Known Unknown, Peisy Ting

From the beginning of our existence, from prehistoric cave drawings to the frescos around the world, to avant-garde movements, be it music, literacy, architectural or performing arts, etc., artists have contributed expanding human evolution from many different aspects. Every artist plays a distinct and crucial role in contributing to society's overall development and well-being. As an artist or a creative thinker, we provide our communities, not just inspiration, interaction, joy, but also as a reflection of our political, cultural and social-economic systems – we push communities to engage and evolve towards social progress.
When it comes to mental health, art comes as a strong catalyst for change. In the face of adversity, art has the power to challenge hostility and alleviate pain, as much as it can provide alternative realities for escapism and become a voice for those who go unheard.

Are you inspired as I am? Follow Peisy's visual arts journey on Instagram at Art by PeisyTo view Peisy Ting’s ongoing solo exhibition Transcendence – A Visual Exploration of Self, visit ZHAN Art | Space, The School, Jaya One, PJ. 


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