Nusign Creative Desktop Scissors (Stationery Review)

A Crafter's Review on Nusign Creative Desktop Scissors

If you are a hobby-crafter, it is a no brainer that a pair of good scissors is a must-have in a crafter's tool box. What kind of scissors do you have? How do you usually arrange your scissors? Do you hang them? I usually have mine categorized and stored in a small Ikea bucket in my stationery trolley- until I realised that not only it was cluttered, it was also dangerous (one of the scissors was tangled with another and almost fell on my feet!). I received these Nusign desktop scissors recently by Jadi Life Solutions, and find it rather interesting that it comes with a stand on its own. Here's my take on it.

Safety First
Apart from the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing, I would say that this is a safety scissors as well because the Nusign desktop scissors comes with a feature that keeps the tip away- especially if you have kids at home.

The Nusign desktop scissors feels comfortable to hold. It weighs only 0.16kg, and each scissors comes with an anti-slip silicon base
The scissors are anti-sticky that means you wont have annoying sticky residue leftovers on your scissors blade- we all know how that feels especially in the midst of a craft project. The blades are titanium plated blade that cuts paper and fabric smoothly. Generally most crafters would have a separate scissors for fabric, but in this case, if you are not doing any large textile project that requires a bigger scissors, the Nusign desktop scissors would do just fine for both paper and fabric.

When it comes to colours, I am quite particular about selecting the right colours to have in my space. Colours affect our mood and makes a difference to our environment. The Nusign desktop scissors comes with 5 aesthetic colours that would make quite a pretty addition to your creative space. The available colours are: lagoon blue, evening shadow, black smoke, rose pink and pure white.

I have been using these Nusign desktop scissors for awhile now, and even had them replaced the bucket of scissors. Overall, I am quite pleased with it, especially the usability. I like that I have minimized my collection of scissors to only four main scissors, and made some extra space in my stationery trolley ever since I removed the bucket. More space for art markers and pens! 

Shop these Scissors
The Nusign Creative Desktop Scissors are available for purchase on Lazada or Shopee. Normal price is at RM52.03, but it is currently at a discount at RM27.00. The discounted price is reasonable for a good quality scissors that comes with a sturdy, anti-slip silicon base stand. 

For additional RM3 off, use code: TACNS051 when you shop on their website: Valid until: 30th October 2020

Recommended for stationery enthusiasts, hobby crafters and creative journaling artists. 

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