Easy DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

Super Easy DIY Chalkboard Tutorial Using an Old Cakeboard

Chalkboards are fun to make and very useful. It's more than just writing shopping lists and reminders. Search chalkboard art or DIY chalkboard ideas and you will be able to see a ton of gorgeous hand lettering designs and doodle art.

In my previous craft tip, I shared about the different chalkboard paints and mediums that you can use to make your own chalkboard. It is super easy to do, not at all complicated, with very simple supply list. Once you know how easy it is, trust me, you will be making chalkboards or turning every empty wall or door into colourful chalkboard background.
Recently, I wanted to make a small chalkboard for some fun Instagram chalkboard lettering. I found a used cake board with the perfect size for me to upcycle into a chalkboard for cute quotes.

Here's the supply list for a DIY chalkboard background:

1. Chalkboard medium
2. Cake board
3. Sponge brush
4. Acrylic paint (I used a Marie's acrylic paint, Ultramarine Blue color)

Step 1

Paint an even layer of acrylic paint on the cake board. The thickness of the paint is entirely up to you. If you want a thick layer of paint, leave it to dry and apply the second coat until you are satisfied. Then leave to dry for a couple of hours. There's always the option of a blow dryer too, but I rather let it dry naturally.

Step 2

Once it is dried up. Pour out some chalkboard medium on to your board, and paint an even coat. Just like step 1, the number of layers is entirely up to you. Once you are done, leave to dry again.

Step 3

All set! Now you can start writing and doodling on the chalkboard! I used a chalk writer by Craft Decor, but you can always use chalk stick from the stationery store. You can use a kitchen towel and baby wipes to clean the surface after using the chalkboard.

These homemade chalkboards are great for kids to play with too. 

Didn't I tell you that it is super easy? Have fun scribbling and doodling!

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