Craft Tip on Using Chalkboard Paints and Medium

Four Things You Need to Know About Chalkboard Paints & Medium

⁠If you have always wanted to DIY your own chalkboard, it is super easy to do. All you need to do is get a chalkboard medium and you can use it on a board, your wall or wooden door! ⁠Before you head out to buy a chalkboard paint or medium, here are some simple tips for you to know:

1. Some chalkboard mediums are just gels that can be applied on top of a painted surface, painted with any colors that you like. ⁠

2. You can even renew any old painted that you want and turn it into a chalkboard. Just like what I did with my previous board (swipe to see). ⁠

3. Another option, you can also use ready-made chalkboard paints. Some chalkboard paints come in the typical black or moss green (like a chalkboard) and some come in a variety of colors. ⁠

4. Alternatively, you can also use something called Black Gesso, a primer for canvas.⁠

Happy crafting!

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