Busy Girl's Guide: 4 Things to Lookout for in Online Shoe Shopping

Back when I was still working as a full time copywriter, I didn't have much time to shop for new clothes and shoes. Working in an art & design field, I felt that it was important for me to be presentable at all times. I know most people dread having to plan their everyday outfits, but not for me. It was one of my favourite things that I look forward to. I was lucky to have my office located next to a shopping mall; lunch time was often coupled with quick shopping. But when I have a tight schedule (and spend a lot of time on the computer) online shopping was the next best thing.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I checkout my cart without any hesitation. All I have to do is look out for certain details like size, cutting, fabric type and of course pricing, all of which instantly help me click buy. Just so you know, I am not a shopaholic. One of the perks about being raised by a mother who loves fashion is that you learn how to have a good judgement if the retail store has your kind of style or not.

So with clothes- not a problem! Unfortunately with shoes, I had trouble shopping for shoes online because I felt online shoe shopping was tricky. Shoes that are posted on online shops may look good, but it is hard to tell if it will fit you. Based on my personal experience, here are four important things to lookout for when shopping for shoes online.

The Online Shop

Not to be snooty about it, but making sure that the online shop that you are shopping at is the right shop is important. It matters because you want to know if you are able to contact the seller (and if they look like the type that will ignore their customers) or return / exchange if the shoes are wrong for you. You should make after-sales service a big deal if you are shopping online. Lucky for us now we have social media. Just do a quick check on the online shop's Facebook page to see how active they are in posting and responding. Don't forget to check the reviews.

Image of the Shoes

This is a tricky one; it really depends which online shop you are shopping on. Nonetheless, keep an eye out on the image. You have to find the in between here so that you have a good judgement. Legit websites usually take really good pictures of their shoes, especially sites like ASOS and Zalando are particularly good at this. So, make sure it is a clear image that you can enlarge to check on the details of the shoes that you have your eye on.

Colour and Material

The downside of online shoe shopping is that you are unable to touch, feel and try on the pair of shoes to see if it fits, looks good or if the material is comfortable. The only thing you can refer to is the description of the product. Make sure you read into it, and if you are not sure, do a little more research or contact the seller. As for colour choices, make sure you choose a timeless colours that can easily match your attire or suit any style. Personally, I always go for black or brown shoes. If I am feeling adventurous, my colour choices would be red or burgundy and sometimes blue.

Size Matters!
via lyst.com.au
After a couple of lessons learned, I finally learned how to find the right shoe size. Again, it gets tricky when you are shopping for shoes online. Also, keep in mind that our two feet are not the same; whenever we try on shoes, one feet is usually tighter than the other. To make sure you get it right, here's a little guide for you:

  • You will need sheets of blank paper, a pencil and a ruler.
  • Wear a pair of socks (make sure it is not the thin type).
  • Step onto the piece of paper and draw the outline of your foot.
  • After that, use a ruler to measure the length, starting from your heel to toe.
  • Use a reliable shoe size chart to convert and get your shoe size.

Finally, make sure you make smart purchases. If there's something I learned from shoe shopping online is that never be hasty and always make sure to keep an eye out for the four tips as mentioned above.

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