Malaysian Paper Flower Crafter shares 10 of her Handmade Botanical Art

Flowers are beautiful! One of mother nature's best masterpieces. But like all things, flowers wilt and die, and eventually we have to discard it away. Which is why, my favorite thing about handmade paper flowers is the beauty of being able to preserve a particular type of flower that you might like. Botanical art has become the perfect touch as gifts, weddings and decorations because it will last forever.

Priscilla Ang, also known as Priscilla Garden, specializes in making paper flowers. Her orders are back to back, and she is constantly booked for every occasion back in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Some of the flowers that she makes are catered for events like teacher's day, valentine's day, even floral backdrops and of course, everyone's favourite:- weddings! Let's look at Priscilla's top 10, best made Paper Flowers

1. Paper Sunflowers

2. Gold Pinewood

3. Rose Corsages

4. Church Wedding Pew Flowers

5. Egg Flowers (Bunga Telur for Malay Weddings)

6. Fabric Flower Boutonniere

7. Aranda Orchid

8.Paper Morning Glory

9. Wedding Flowers Cascade Bouquet

10. Flower Wall Backdrop

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