Bazaar Hacks for Small Businesses (Part 3)

Get comfortable for the important task ahead
(This is part 3 of a 3-part series outlining strategies that may give your business an advantage at competitive bazaars. Click here to read part 1 and part 2)

The day after your experience at the bazaar is very much like the day after you get back from a long holiday. You're tired, your stuff is still packed in various bags, and you have a little trouble facing reality (What? You mean I have to unpack ALL THESE BAGS?).

Yes, after the high of displaying your stock to hundreds of people, it's time to evaluate what went well on that day, and what didn't.

After the bazaar

Crunch the numbers

Sale figures and stock count, all in one place.
Evaluate your stock levels.
It's not the most fun thing to do but it is definitely one of the most important items to check off your list. Go through your leftover stocks and make a final count of what was sold. Don't forget to check your online store as well. Add up your sales figures and work out whether you've made enough sales to cover the expenses of setting up at the bazaar. While you're doing this, it would also be a good idea to identify the best-selling item and stock more of it. If you've consolidated your stock on Pocketbook, then you'll save some time because your dashboard will present this information instantly.

Analyse customer feedback

Go through the feedback you've received.
Note all positive and negative reviews.
Think about the remarks you heard at the bazaar. Did customers have trouble finding your store online? Did they express concern about your choice of material? Did anyone point out that your stock is way too similar to other exhibitors? Sometimes negative comments could be the inspiration you need to make positive changes to your products. go through any online feedback you have received as well - be it on social media or through Pocketbook's built-in customer feedback.

Follow up and reconnect

Reconnect with vendors you've met at the bazaar with a simple tag. Photo credit: @b.nottee
Thank your followers and fans on social media. Photo credit: @fourjei
Now that you've collected a pile of business cards from other exhibitors, send them a proper follow up note to remind them who you are. Thank them for their company at the bazaar and express your interest to see them again. This is  also a good opportunity to look at their website/Facebook page/Instagram account and evaluate how you can work together to do cross-promotions or even share a pop-up store space.

Share your experience

Follow up with promotional offers you had at the bazaar. Photo credit:
It doesn't hurt to give the organizer a shout out too. Photo credit: @ficusandjars
Don't waste this opportunity to put up good content for your fans and followers. Tell them about your bazaar experience and thank them for their support. And while you're posting all this on social media, check the analytics to see whether your social following increased after getting more exposure at the bazaar. This will give you an idea of whether bazaars are effective for increasing your brand presence online.

Plan for the next bazaar

After you've finalised your findings, consider planning ahead for the next bazaar! If you've forgotten what to do when planning for a bazaar, head over to part 1 of this series to refresh your memory.

This concludes our 3-part series on bazaar hacks. If you're looking for more tips and tricks, don't forget to follow us on Facebook: The Artsy Craftsy and Shoppertise! We're always thinking of new ideas to help small businesses grow.

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