Crafty Finds at Spotlight MyTown Kuala Lumpur

First things first, I am glad to say that I am once again back to writing. I have been away for a bit, and have been focusing much more on Instagram and Facebook. The clackety-clack of the keyboard had me realized how much I miss writing and that it is still very much flowing through my veins. And in case you don't know, most of our fun stuff are on our social media account. That's where you can get the latest scoop from us! So if you have not followed us yet, please do.

Most of you are familiar with the popular Australian home and craft store, that came to Malaysia to take over the local hobby scene. They have recently expanded their third outlet at MyTown, Cheras Kuala Lumpur, a brand new mall alongside with Ikea. MyTown shopping mall may be empty for now, but I am sure it will pick up its pace later on.

Our recent project with Spotlight Malaysia led me to visit the new outlet. I have to be honest, I don't shop there often mainly because I am familiar with my regular craft suppliers. With small suppliers, you can communicate with them directly, get to know the prices and stock availability especially if you are stocking up regularly. But if you are shopping just for hobby, then Spotlight is your place. Coming back to visiting the new Spotlight, the Aussie store has quite a variety of well-curated products by popular brands. From colourful cookie cutters to rows of ribbons, my favourite is the ribbon stand.

Let's go through what I found at the store!


Sashay away with rows and rows of ribbons!

Label with Chalk-Jar

No need to worry about stick residues anymore!

 Colourful Cookie Cutters

We were told that someone stood there for 15 minutes just staring it.

Shades of Paper

Makes you want to collect all colours, just because.

Faux Florals

For that little corner in your home.
Felts and Felts

A treat for you and the kids too.

Stickers Galore!

For your journaling and scrapbooking needs.

Embroidery Threads

Make crazy colourful rainbows for your unicorns

Fabric Outliners and Pens

Shazam that plain outfit!

Pastel Yarns

No more dull-coloured sweaters. These pastels are pretty!

Zippy Zips

Match that zip to your skort

And last but not least....

Ribbon stand! a.k.a Washi Tape stand!

A special place for your ribbon, washi tapes and other thingmabobs.

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  1. You did not name the place ? I was actually looking this stores’s name and came across your blog. Please also mention the store’s name next time.


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