Six Beautiful Quotes To Tell Your Mom How Much You Love Her

If you have watched Cinderella the movie, you will be familiar with the heartfelt scene when Cinderella's mother told her to "Have courage and be kind." Our mothers go by many names: The queen of our hearts, the only best friend when we came into this world, the multi tasker, the supermom/woman, the healer, the teacher, the caretaker, and the list goes on.

Here are six beautifully written quotes to tell your mom how much you love her (and also to add in to your Mother's day card)

1. Mother, My Home
via Sarah Hearts

2.  Mother, My Rock
via A Night Owl

3. Mother, My Mentor
via Hey There Home aka TinySideKick

4. Mother, My Inspiration
via Melissa Esplin

5. Mother, My Best Friend
via Weekend Craft

6. Mother, My One and Only
via Lia Griffith
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