8 Young Artists of Melaka Discovered by Art Laboratory Research & Training (Sponsored Post)

Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up." That said, Art Laboratory Research and Training (Art Lab), a talent scout company, aim to spot local young talents and groom them into artists. Together with Dasein Academy of Art, the Melaka Young Talent Award 2016 was formed to provide these artists a platform to the next phase in their study and career pathway. See who are the future of our Malaysian art industry:

During the 8-month training period, Art Lab has helped these students, age between 14 to 18, identify their niche, fine tune their skills to produce a series of masterpieces, and coach them on how to present themselves as young professional artists.

The Result: 8 young artist profiles representing Melaka, 3 scholarships to be won to study at Dasein Academy of Art and a recognition by PERZIM (Perbadanan Muzium Melaka).

Lau Jia Hui
Lau Jia Hui, age 18
Jia Hui's ambition is to become a Comic Artist or an Illustrator. She is inspired by her daily surroundings, and her hobbies in reading, writing stories and drawing has helped her produce a series of gas masks portraits. According to Jia Hui, gas masks has always been a symbolic tool for survival and what if it becomes the future of fashion because of the environmental pollution? Her artwork is a depiction of World War 1 in her own style.

Nur Widyan
Nur Widyan, age 18
Widyan would like to open her own gallery someday to share her artworks with the public. She enjoys exploring different forms of art such as painting and sculpting. Most of her inspirations are from Instagram artists, becoming her source of inspiration for her artistic portrait series, especially painting monochrome ones.

Suzen Ong
Suzen Ong, age 18
Suzen's bubbly character reflects in her art. She is mostly inspired by abstract art especially colours and patterns, and she enjoys painting from her emotions. Aside from advancing herself further in fine arts, her goal is to open an art supply store someday.

Franciscus Hagen
Franciscus Hagen, age 18
Francis sees the world in a different view. Francis's interest in art started at a young age. His parents, noticed his potential, enrolled him into an art class to refine his skills. His style is mostly inspired by Japanese Art, however his interest vary, and could go as far as die cast model cars and bikes, doodle art and tattoo art.

Trisha Vaghasia
Trisha Vaghasia, age 16
There is a unique story behind Trisha's inspiration. Finding out from her literally brings you back to the good old days, but this 16 year old sees it differently. Trisha's inspiration came from her childhood days with her grandparents. Golden oldies that she listened to was the start of her love for vintage and time period books and art. That interest eventually grew into liking video games because she admired the well-crafted visuals and story lines, which obviously led to her ambition to be a video game developer.

Wendy Liow
Wendy Liow, age 17
Wendy's ambition is to become a fashion designer. She enjoys exploring the works of couture, collections on the runway and staying up to date with the fashion forecast. According to Wendy, her series of artworks are inspired by the international fashion industry, in which it has motivated her to design her own avant garde collection as her masterpieces.

Denise Tan
Denise Tan, age 15
Floral and botanical are Denise's source of inspiration. Her use of flowers in her series of artwork symbolizes the gentle, feminine soul, which is why she used softer colours in her work. Denise discovered her creative interest when she saw the well-developed international art scene. But when she saw how even the disabled could create beautiful works of art, it motivated her to join the programme to pursue her own creative journey. Denise hopes that she will be able to own an art business some day.

Muhammad Aslan
Muhammad Aslan, age 17
Aslan is inspired by today's advanced art industry. His favourite anime is Naruto, hence one look at his series, you will have a rough idea what sort of art he likes. It is an indescribable feeling this fascination to want to create more and telling stories through his artworks. It all begun when he used to watch his brother produce his own comic art stories, that was when he aspired to become more like him someday. Eventually, Aslan's interest developed further and now he enjoys recreating scenes from movies, but with his own stories and his own characters.

The Winners
The Melaka Young Talent Award 2016 ceremony day was held a Dasein Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur. The opening speech was graced by PERZIM Datuk Haji Khamis and the awards were presented by Mr. Gooi Hean Chye, President and Principal of Dasein Academy and Ms. Jade Toh, Founder of Art Laboratory Research & Training.

The first place was seized by Lau Jia Hui, a full scholarship of Diploma programme at Dasein Academy of Art worth RM30, 000.

The second and third place was won by Nur Widyan and Suzen Ong, a scholarship worth RM10, 000 to study Diploma at Dasein Academy of Art.


About Art Laboratory Research and Training:
Art Laboratory Research and Training is a professional art development and
talent scout company that researches art movements to nurture young talents, and to provide a platform for them to grow as artists and to prepare them for art examinations such as SPM, as well as UEC, IGCSE and GCE. For more information visit their FACEBOOK or email at: artlab.rt@gmail.com

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