Laugh All You Want, But This *Ahem* Necklaces are Going Viral!

When I first saw the posts all over Facebook and Instagram, I have to admit, I was laughing! But I also can't help thinking how pretty it looks. I mean, look at how colourful it is!

These necklaces, meant to resemble lady parts, are making its rounds all over internet. Maker and Etsy Seller, Emily Fitzgerald of Mullummoonflowers claimed it has now becoming such a hot item that she is having difficulties keeping it in stock!

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Emily calls them Yoni, that means, female genitalia in Sanskrit, meant to be worn with respect and pride. People are both loving and hating the concept at the same time, it is hard to keep track. However, it is hard not to like these beautiful creations because each piece is uniquely made, just like us!

Check out the rest of Emily's yonis!

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Tell us which one is your fave!

Photos credit to @mullum_moonflower

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