DIY Rock Art featuring ChubbyFingersPlay + Interview Feature!

Easy Stone Painting with Crayons by ChubbyFingersPlay

If you are looking for crafts to bond with your kids, stone painting projects would be the best. It is fun, quick and easy, and you can teach your kids how to make the cutest rock art gifts for family and friends. To show you how exciting this stone painting project can be, I teamed up with ChubbyFingersPlay for a DIY rock art tutorial. Here's how:

Materials: Foil/Baking paper, a base for workspace, crayons, rocks, markers (or paints), kitchen mittens and a toaster oven.


Some tips for doing stone painting with crayons:
1. Wash the rocks before starting your project.
2. Prepare foil or baking paper, and have a work space ready.
3. Have kitchen mittens ready.
4. Pre-heat at 180 - 200 degrees for 15 mins, then heat the rocks for 10 mins.

Get to Know ChubbyFingersPlay!

1. Introduce yourself; who are you and what do you do?
Hello! I’m Yvonne, a mother blessed with 2 gorgeous girls aged 5 and 3 years old, and a caring husband. I am a full time working mum with an MNC, and also a Mumpreneur - Founder of ChubbyFingersPlay.
ChubbyFingersPlay is a first of its kind novelty crayon store in Malaysia. We design and handmade novelty crayons which are unique, fun, and most importantly safe for children.

2. What is your day-to-day like as a creative person? How do you juggle your tasks, projects and personal life?
As a mom, wife and employee, and mumpreneur,  my priority is always being a mom and  a wife to the family first. My  foundation to success is simple - be inspired, get inspired, and the rest will follow suit. Given that I do have a full time day job, I typically work on my research and development and production for ChubbyFingersPlay in the night, when my girls are off to bed, and while my husband will be working on his own projects. Occasionally he helps me during production time.  There are many waking hours when I first started the business 6 months ago, and overtime it got better and have learnt to manage my time productively. Juggling work life balance is not easy, but certainly can be achieved. My mind is always brainstorming on what, how and when can I do more.
Weekends are purely spending time with the family, unless if we do have weekend bazaar/markets.. It is also important for my girls to be part of the business - they love helping me out at the bazaar and at any opportunity given, my 5 year old will also help quality check the crayons before stack them up for packing.

3. Where do you go to gather creative ideas & inspirations?
Day to day life in being observant and positive help in sparking an idea!  My girls are full of energy and they inspire me everyday, and that was how I started ChubbyFingersPlay.  I play and hear them out everyday. I run my test products with them and gauge the level of interest, the durability of my product and more. The internet certainly helps to, as they give you  a little edge from your idea and that helps to turn them into reality.
"People should not be afraid to try. Trials and mistakes are common and they can only be better everyday. The opportunities are fantastic and endless."

4. What was the most difficult part of running a creative business?
We have different challenges at different stage of the business.  Getting started- turning the idea into reality. The challenge is always having the know-how to form the product and to mastering and perfecting it. Time and perseverance are gold. Cost is also extremely important and difficult too, as we thrive to give the best without compromising the quality of our products. And lastly, knowing if your product is truly what the customer likes and will buy.

5. What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to brand image?
Staying true to what you believe and portray about yourself.

6. How do you perceive the Malaysian creative market, what else does it need to encourage the locals to support handmade?
Being a new artisan myself for many months now, I am certainly very inspired, impressed, and very proud with our local creative makers. They come from different age groups and diverse backgrounds. I have found and made so many friends today- so supportive, so humble, so passionate and inspiring!
People should not be afraid to try. Trials and mistakes are common and they can only be better everyday. The opportunities are fantastic and endless. There are so many platforms given to the creative market to showcase and sell. Malaysians today are so much more supportive buying made in Malaysia products, and in fact they are so happy and impress to know that our product is entirely made here, our home. We certainly need more endorsement from customers, media, partners  to continue the momentum to grow as a community.
7. Any goals for yourself as a maker and your brand?
ChubbyFingersPlay hope to spread its wings more in Malaysia (and internationally) - grow its market awareness and penetration. We hope to inspire kids to go back to basics with our crayons -a simple art tool we all grew up with. We hope to inspire parents to give their children the opportunity to be creative themselves.

8. If you didn’t discover this creative interest, what would Life be like for you?
Life will be less hectic for last 6 months i think, but certainly i would be doing something else otherwise. Maybe baby food business!

ChubbyFingersPlay is a first of its kind, handmade and non-toxic crayons. Perfect for kids and adults too! Check out ChubbyFingersPlay and make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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