Are You a Work-from-Home Creative Person Like Me?

If I am keeping track, it has been one year and four months since I left my full time job. It still feels very much like yesterday. And it has been four months since I started The Artsy Craftsy Studio. Each time I feel down and overworked, the love of my life reminds me that this is what I wanted, and this was the reason why I left the working world. Life has been good to me, but sometimes, we just need that nudge to be reminded.

I told myself that it is time for me to start blogging often again. I think it would be a good process for my creative journey as well, since as an artists, we are meant to self-reflect instead of focusing on what others think.

A friend asked me today, what's my daily routine like for someone with an unusual career like mine. I gave it some thought and answered: I work like everyone else, except that I have the flexibility to decide when and what time I start my work. But I try to stick to a schedule, ie. work during the day, get off work in the evenings and fully rest at night.

I learned from someone once that even as a self-employed or work from home person, it is important to maintain a schedule as if you are working in an office. I fully agree.

After I quit my job, the first few months was weird... I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. I tried to follow a schedule but most of the time I end up running other errands. I went for meetings, and it takes up half my day. And because I was like a free bird from a gilded cage, I slept and rested so much! I slept at odd hours but I know I had to go through it. Basically, for the first four to five months, I took my time to figure out what I wanted to do just so I can get it out of my system.

Anyways, in case you are wondering, through trial and error here's what I discovered:- the daily routine that works best (and you are free to follow and modify it to suit yourself):

1. Wake up early

If you are not used to it, try to practice this. Don't make it a habit to wake up past noon. The latest you should wake up is 10am.

2. Balance

If you are up for it, you can try meditation, slot in a yoga session or hit the gym. Run, run, run. I finally had the privilege to use the gym because the place that I moved to has one. So, I fully utilizing all that I can now.

3. Get to work the 9-5 style

I made sure I schedule all my meetings in the mornings or noon after lunch. It is only these two slots I will meet my clients or collaborators. Other than that, I plan my day on what to work on. I could be in the studio, working on a painting, taking photos, doing administration, etc. Whatever your job is, make sure it is only from morning til evening.

4. Get off work in the evenings

Sometimes we tend to get carried away with work, cos I know I do. I am running the studio and at the same time doing freelance copywriting (still my rice bowl). I try my best to finish up otherwise, I will continue the next day. Make it a habit to get off work in the evenings and then it's time for some me-time, family time, TV time, whatever time you wanna call it, it is up to you.

5. Go to bed early

These days I get sleepy at 12am, latest at 1am. I think it's great that I am sleeping early because I realized that when you are up early, you get a lot done. If you can't sleep early, try chamomile tea or read a book, watch something, whatever works for you.

On weekends, go out and have fun. Don't coop yourself up at home! You may be an artist or a crafter that works from home, but it doesn't mean you don't have to get out there. Go out, meet and mingle and see the world. It helps with inspiration.


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