What Makes Pocketbook Ideal for Creative Entrepreneurs

Running a successful business goes beyond having a marketable product. How far you go also depends on how well you manage your inventory and customer relationships. But as a small business owner whose job description is pretty much “one-leg-kick” (Jack of all trades), staying on top of administrative work and day-to-day operations can be an exhausting affair.

We understand the challenges faced by small business owners, which is why we have developed Pocketbook. It’s an app that helps you manage your business on-the-go. In this post, we’ll share how Pocketbook can be the personal assistant of your dreams.

Streamline your inventory, online and offline.

Picture this: You have an online store and a booth at a local bazaar. A customer just purchased an item from your online store; at the same time you also made a sale at your booth. Instead of having to update your inventory manually, Pocketbook keeps track of what’s been sold online and offline through a centralised system. You can also choose to receive an alert to replenish your stock when levels are low so you don’t miss out on a potential sale.

Issue payment reminders automatically

You want to be accessible to your customers. But when you have customers reserving items through WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Instagram and other communication channels, it is easy to lose track of payment that is due to you. With Pocketbook, automated emails are sent to your customers when payment is due. The system will then issue digital receipts when payment is received; and remind you that it’s time to mail out your orders. No more trawling through message trails to find out who has paid and what needs to be sent out! Now, you’ll have a clearer picture of your business transactions while your customers get peace of mind knowing that their purchase is on the way. Everyone wins!

Learn more about your customers

Nurturing good customer relationships is a lot like gardening. The more you know about your plant (or customer), the sooner you will reap the rewards. Pocketbook lets you track customer preferences easily through a built-in feedback mechanism. When you know what your customers like, you can tailor your products accordingly or make personal recommendations to encourage repeat orders.

Ace the numbers game

What’s the best thing about being your own boss? You get to do everything yourself! Yes, that includes monitoring sales and managing cash flow. (Not forgetting making your own 3-in-1 coffee!) With Pocketbook, you can easily view a daily or weekly summary of your business on the dashboard. See what are the best-selling items, pending orders, completed orders and the sales you’ve made. It’s like having a WIP meeting without actually having to sit in one.

And last but not least…

Eliminate time-stealing tasks

We know that passionate business owners often work round-the-clock, moonlighting to supplement the monthly income or holding down a day job while scratching the entrepreneurial itch on weekends. It’s a tough juggling act that can crack the best of us. Pocketbook has a few nifty tricks to help you save time and preserve your sanity. For example, your inventory updates on Pocketbook is automatically synchronised with your online store on Shoppertise Marketplace. And when you add a new item, you get a unique link that you can quickly share on your social network to entice customers. When you spend less time doing tedious tasks, you’ll have more time to dream up the next exciting business idea.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of seamless mobile commerce? Download the Pocketbook app now and give it try!


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