Clever Pelikan Malaysia Launches New School Bag Collection at The Gardens Mall, KL

Kids are the best! Our world, in their eyes, are nothing else but colours. How do we continue to see the world through our children's eyes? For Pelikan Malaysia, the brand continues to make sure that both adults or parents & kids still see the "colours" around them through the products that they offer.

Pelikan Malaysia's Herlitz schoolbag label recently launched a new collection called the Clever Classmate. The cutting edge herlitz schoolbags price ranged between RM200+ - RM500+

Compared to school bags made years ago, our bags certainly did not come with benefits such as unique ergonomic features to make everyday school life stress-free. 

With improved technology, here's what you need to know about Pelikan Malaysia schoolbags:
1. Pelikan Malaysia offer schoolbags with benefits such as high quality and high wearing comfort.

2. A herlitz schoolbag has breathable and ergonomically shaped pack padding.

3. Excellent carrying comfort!
4. Each schoolbag comes with reflective material, thanks to the quality brand 3M! The reflective materials can be found on the front, sides and shoulder straps. This feature is meant to accompany children safely to school and back home, and for optimal safety in the dark.

5. Unique designs! Each schoolbag comes with attractive designs!

6. Did you know, herlitz schoolbags are free from azodyes, plasticizers and allergenic dyes?

7. Safety features? A herlitz schoolbag comes with an integrated reflector and magnectic smart lock that opens easily and closes automatically. 

8. Also available, spacious compartments with separate book compartment, two side pockets and front pocket for additional space utilization. WOW!


Since we are still on the topic of kids, I can't help but share with you that Pelikan Malaysia also offers art classes for kids at their boutique in The Gardens Mall, every Saturday from 3pm - 4pm and 4pm - 5pm. 

If you are in town, looking for something to do for your kids, you know where to go. While you are there, don't forget to browse through their writing instruments and art materials!

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*This is a sponsored post

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