Five Reasons to Support Small Businesses

If there is one thing that sets small businesses apart from big corporations, it’s drive. The drive to innovate, create, and grow. It takes patience and continuous hard work to build your own business, whether you’re a 3rd generation kopitiam owner or a tech junkie running a startup out of your rented room. Here are 5 reasons why we think small businesses deserve more support and acknowledgment.

Reason #1: Small businesses are the pioneers of environmentally-friendly practices

Think of that kedai runcit that is present in every neighbourhood. Back in the day when only the rich had private transport, these little shops were just a short walk away whenever you needed a snack or toilet paper. The environmental footprint was minimal no air-conditioning, no fancy lighting, and no traffic congestion to speak of. Although big corporations are slowly adopting greener ways of doing business, small businesses are able to champion the cause for the environment faster than you can find parking space in a mall.

Reason #2: Small businesses offer better customer service

Small businesses tend to have a smaller customer base, which can actually turn out to be a business advantage. It gives room for a touch of personalisation in customer service, something that is increasingly rare in an era of outsourcing. With better customer relationship, word of mouth becomes the main driver of business growth, which in turns motivates business owners to continue providing great service.

Reason #3: Small businesses are invested in the local community

Most small business owners live within the vicinity of their stores. So not only are they experts in the products and services they sell, they are also highly knowledgeable about the local community. They are also the biggest employers of local talents, creating jobs and supporting the national economy.

Reason #4: Small businesses encourage competition

Healthy competition leads to more unique product and services, and keeps prices down for consumers. Instead of buying mass-produced goods that are available globally, consumers have a greater variety of quality products to choose from. Imagine if you were a visitor to the historical city of Malacca. Would you choose to buy a generic magnet as a souvenir, or a one-of-a-kind t-shirt designed by a local designer?

Reason #5: Small businesses enjoy great tax breaks

Although this seems like an odd reason to celebrate, being able to run a business without paying enormous amount of taxes gives small businesses an edge over the big boys. By saving on taxation, small businesses can invest their resources into product innovation, skills training and better loyalty benefits for consumers.

At the end of the day, small businesses contribute to a more vibrant economy and add diversity to the commercial landscape of our nation.

This post first appeared on The Pocketbook Blog by Shoppertise.

Shoppertise is a mobile commerce platform that empowers small business owners with smarter, safer, and easier ways to sell their products and services online. This platform includes Shoppertise Marketplace (A curated marketplace with uniquely designed goods) and Shoppertise Pocketbook (An assistant to manage your small business). 


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