What is Pocket Letters?

Five Things You Need to Know About Pocket Letters

1. Letters in Pockets
Pocket letters literally means letters in pockets! This trend has been going on for a while among the snail mail communities around the world. It is still a favorite compared to the ordinary snail mail letter.

2. Small Surprises
One of the main reasons why it is still earning big love by everyone because there are always surprises hiding in the pockets! Pocket letterers usually include list below:

-Washi tapes
-A handwritten letter
-Cute stationeries, i.e. clips,pins
-Accessories, i.e. keychain
-Handmade gifts
-Pop-up mini cards/tags
-Craft materials

Who doesn't love gifts? You may also include inspirational quotes or jokes in it, people love it!
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3. Get it anywhere!
Pocket letter sheets (also called Photo Pocket Page) are available in POPULAR bookstores, SPOTLIGHT, and AEON. Not all of the outlets are available so I would suggest to give them a ring before making your travel.

You may also try your luck through online store such as scrap n crop.

Quality pocket letter sheets come with thicker plastic and carry some weights too. Try to avoid the cheap ones because they are fragile and unpresentable.

Pocket letter sheets comes in various sizes. There are 2 x 2, 9 x 9, 12 x 12 and etc. Price range from RM 4.90 - RM 39.90.

Tip: For beginners, I would suggest that you start your project with a standard size 9 x 9 or fewer pockets before stepping in to the next mile.


It takes awhile to get used to it when you are starting out in this project. You would need some juice too- brain juice I mean :) Now here's the awesome part! I have created a checklist for your reference:
  1. Pocket letter size 
  2. Layout (number of pockets, double sided or single sided)
  3. Colour
  4. Theme and Occasion, i.e. star wars, sparkly, garden, travel, and etc
  5. Quotes that you want to include
  6. What kind of gifts that you want to include (you may refer to abovementioned #2 )
  7. Jokes
  8. Letter
  9. If you are swapping with your pen-pal, you may wanna include an introduction about yourself
Running out of ideas? Head on to PINTEREST as it is always a good platform to look for inspiration.
Oops! Don't forget to get a pen pal first to receive your letters!
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5. Mingle Among Snail Mailers
You are not alone. Here are a few active and interesting groups to join on Facebook as listed below:
Have fun!


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